Flying machines are just plain awesome, and ones that can fly without really looking like they should are even better! Throw this one like a football for longer flights!

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8 Responses to “Spinning Ring”

  1. Amanda Mcabee says:

    I folded it both ways and it did not work why is this

  2. Shannon Cormier says:

    Very cool. Ours worked pretty well, first try.

  3. So it bends more easily (without folding) into a loop.

  4. Indu Patel says:

    Mine didn’t work at all.

  5. Indu Patel says:

    Why do you have to curve after folding it an inch three times?

  6. Can you describe that happened so I can help?

  7. Eric Poulin says:

    mine did not work at all!