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FAQ: e-Science Frequently Asked Questions

How is the website organized?  Where do I start?

There is a lot of material on the e-science (sciencelearningspace2.com) website.  The best way to get familiar with it is to watch the quick video by clicking "New Member Information" in the "Getting Started" tab. This video will give you a tour of the website and all the parts of the program.  If you want it to appear larger, you can usually right-click on it and choose "Full screen". The "Getting Started" area is a great place to browse through, which includes our Welcome letter and a couple of simple experiments you don't need any shopping list for.  Simply click on the Getting Started tab on the left button on the home page (right under the Home tab) to get started.

Can I do the material at my own pace, or will I get behind?

You can do the program at your own pace.  Take a week or a month or six months to do one unit – all the past material will remain online for you to access for as long as you're a member.

There is so much material, will it be too much for my kids?

We put a lot of material online to serve many different kids - over 1500 experiments in all!  It's way more than most kids will get through.  Feel free to do it at your own pace.  Also, pick and choose from each unit – you don't need to do all of every unit, just go as deep as is right for your kids.

How far in advance will you give us materials lists?

The material shopping lists are available for each unit. You’ll find dozens of experiments with every lesson, so you can pick and choose the experiments you want to do. This program has hundreds of experiments, projects, and activities to choose from depending on your child’s interest, your family budget, and what’s available to you in your area. You don’t need to do them all to get a great science education!

Where are the materials lists?

To get to the materials list, click the Shopping List tab on the navigation bar.

What kinds of materials will I need to buy, where do I get them, and how far in advance will you post the materials list for each unit?

Most experiments are designed to be done with stuff you have around the house, or that you can find at a local grocery store or drug store.  There will be some specialty items that come from the hardware store or a place like an online electronics store. Most of the specialty items are used in more than one experiment. For example, the materials that you get for Unit 10 (Electricity) are used again in Units 11 (Magnetism), 12 (Alternative Energy), 14 (Electronics), and the summer e-Camp Labs. For anything uncommon, we'll generally tell you exactly where to get it and even give you the part number.  Materials lists are available in advance so you have plenty of time to get what you need.

I have a question about one of the experiments.  Where can I get it answered?

Once you're logged in to e-science, just go to the experiment you’ve got a question about, and scroll down to the bottom.  Enter your question in the gray comment box and click the "Submit a Comment" button.

How do I change my credit card number, expiration date or billing info?

To change your credit card, simply log in and click "Member's page" (below the video on the right sidebar of the home page).  On the Membership Information page, click "Update CC info" on the right side.  That will take you to a form where you can just enter your updated info.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, first login if you haven't already done so.  Then click the "Members Page" on the right side of the home page (under the video).  Scroll down to the bottom of the Membership Information page and click the red Cancel link.

I have a question about the charge on my credit card bill.  Who should I contact?

For billing and subscription questions, please email us.

I want to talk to a real, live person.  Can I call you?

We are a real company staffed by real live people.  If you have an urgent need to talk to someone, feel free to call us at (805) 617-1789.  Most answers can be found on this page, so be sure to look here first. If you get an answering machine, just leave a message and we'll call you right back.

I have a general question or idea.  Who can I contact about it?

We love to hear feedback and are glad to answer questions.  We strive for 100% customer happiness.  If you have a problem, let us know and we'll help fix it.  Please email us. I hope you found our information useful. By the way, be sure to download your free science packet before you go! If you have an urgent problem, you can call us at (805) 617-1789.