My students love making this one, because it’s not only a throwing star like the Ninja Star, but also opens up to be a frisbee! You’ll need eight sheets of square paper, all the same size. They don’t have to be large – I use two that are cut into quarters. Here’s what you do:

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6 Responses to “Magic Star”

  1. Lillian Jackson says:

    I want to watch the ” Water Drop” video but I can’t find it anymore. Why not?

  2. You’re right – in the video, I show only seven points and show you how to slide the “last one” in (which really has one more – it’s the second light blue one that is #8), and that’s for video-taping simplicity. The star was too jammed together to get a clear shot/view when I had all 8 in. Please note that the star has to be symmetric. You should make 8 of these before attaching together.

  3. Lynn Glasheen says:

    if you watch the video carefully it only shows how to put 7 outside points on the star but Aurora had 8. Video typo?

  4. Yes, that one is uploading today – try again!

  5. Ramona Polvere says:

    I can’t seem to get the video of the Magic Star to stream. Unlike the rest of the videos, the video does not have a picture But it does have a play button. When I press the button,.I get a message across the video screen that says not found or access denied. Could you check into it? All the other videos I’ve tried work.
    Lauren and Ramona