Have a question? My team and I are happy to hear your questions and get you answers! When you type a question, it shows up not only on that experiment but also here so you can easily find your answer. You'll find question boxes at the bottom of every experiment in the program.

Question: from julie_stuart about the Special Science Teleclass: Astronomy experiment :

Oh, thank! That sounds a little ridiculous on stellariums part. That also explains why there's a lake with a camera at the south pole. Maybe I should try it.

Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Astronomy

The view from Antarctica was created by a computer program called Stellarium. By default, Stellarium always shows trees, even if trees don't grow in that particular location.

Answer:  Microscopes and Telescopes

Hi, no there isn't a worksheet for those particular lessons. All the information is shared in the videos.

Question: from alison_kalil about the Microscopes and Telescopes experiment :

Hi! Is there a Download Student Worksheet for this lesson and the previous two lessons in the Physics of Light section? Thanks Alison

Question: from julie_stuart about the Special Science Teleclass: Astronomy experiment :

I'm confused about the last part in "antarctica", as there are no trees in antarctica. Did you mean somewhere in australia or south america, or did , see those grass as trees, if the camera was on the ground?

Answer:  Part 2: Why Classify?

Yes that one will work - can you share the url that didn't work so I can fix it?

Answer:  Shopping List for Unit 1

Yes, that was before we started doing live classes (those are at the very top of each experiment list, and have "special teleclass" in the title). For the most updated "meat" of it (science concepts explained in detail), click on LIVE CLASSES (in top nav) and scroll down to the subject you are looking for.

Answer:  Salt & Vinegar Crystals

A sponge works best, but feel free to try a lava rock.

Answer:  Laundry Soap Crystals

No, baking soda won't work. You have to use borax (AKA sodium tetraborate).

Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Flying Machines

Actually, there is only one video on this page. The experiment is about 20 minutes into this video. If you aren't able to hear, try clicking the little volume setting on the bottom right of the video player. Also, try considering restarting your computer, trying a different internet browser or a different computer.

Answer:  What is a Laser?

The light blox are available here: https://laserclassroom.com/product-category/clearance/

Question: from ericksonnationmom about the Salt & Vinegar Crystals experiment :

could i use a lava rock

Question: from yvan_page about the Laundry Soap Crystals experiment :

Can I replace borax with baking soda??

Question: from christinehart711 about the Part 2: Why Classify? experiment :

Hello Aurora! I was just browsing this course and in the downloadable course and shopping list, the link for the cool blue light kit was invalid. Does this one work? https://www.homesciencetools.com/product/cool-blue-light-experiment-kit/

Question: from natashaderksen about the Shopping List for Unit 1 experiment :

Did you say in the introduction video (on how to use this site) that the first 2-3 experiments of units really teach the meat of it? I can't find the spot I'm looking for in the video.

Question: from natashaderksen about the Special Science Teleclass: Flying Machines experiment :

I don't see the video for this lesson (Mechanics: flying things). Also, the video for the experiment doesn't have sound for me. (thanks!)

Question: from candjpatch about the What is a Laser? experiment :

The downloaded worksheet says we need A red, green and blue Light Blox with slit caps, * One red and one green LASER Blox. What are these things and where do we get them?

Answer:  Part 14: DNA

There are so many combinations that we can't really tell you what would happen. Keep in mind that A,C,G and T represent compounds called nucleobases. For instance A stands for adenine. The three others are guanine, cytosine and thymine. These nucleobases pair up in specific ways via chemical bonds.

Answer:  Water Cycle Column: Is Rain Pure?

Energy is required anytime a living organism needs to make changes to itself. Without energy, plants would not be able to generate the chemical reactions needed to build their cells.

Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Renewable & Alternative Energy

If your box is too big, the heat won't be as concentrated. so, yes indeed, using a smaller box may help. Feel free to email pictures of your set up to aurora@superchargedscience.com. That way I can look over what you've built.

Question: from julie_whitenack about the Electroplating experiment :

We finally did this one and it was so cool. Every time I look at my spoon (we tried a spoon after successfully using two keys) I am so amazed that we managed to coat it with copper from an old penny using a 9V battery and some chemicals we ordered off the internet. My dad loved copper and I wish I could show him this.

Question: from jammark about the Can Water Be Heated With Composting Plant Material? experiment :

wow so cool! thanks for sharing.

Question: from kristen_rhudy about the Part 14: DNA experiment :

What would happen if A went to G and T went to see and likewise?

Question: from liliana_mendez about the Water Cycle Column: Is Rain Pure? experiment :

Why do plants need energy to grow ?

Question: from myargercello about the Special Science Teleclass: Renewable & Alternative Energy experiment :

Hi Aurora! I was doing the marshmallow roasting experiment and the marsh mallow doesn't seem to be roasting. I don't have the size box you have, but a bigger one. Do I need to get a smaller box?

Answer:  Scientific Method Made Easy: Introduction

No the notebooking journal is not required. You can find the Apologia course conversions here: https://www.sciencelearningspace2.com/2010/01/conversion-charts/ and here: https://www.sciencelearningspace2.com/grade-levels/advanced-projects-2/apologia-biology/

Answer:  Shopping List for Unit 7

Unit 7: Astrophysics doesn't require much math, but if you'd like an in-depth astronomy class that does, go to Unit 24: and click on Algebra and also Geometry!

Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Renewable & Alternative Energy

The Fresnel lens was developed by the French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel (1788–1827) for use in lighthouses.

Question: from ebmorrill about the Special Science Teleclass: Renewable & Alternative Energy experiment :

Fresnel is weirdly spelled. Why?

Answer:  Cool Blue Light Chemiluminescence Experiment

We used the mixture from a glowstick to demonstrate the glowing fluid that we show on camera. So that color will look a little different that your experiment using the chemicals in this kit.

Answer:  Neptune’s Furnace

No, you most likely won't find calcium chloride in a grocery store. You can find it at camping supply stores (or online) under the name "Dri Z Air". Some ice melt products are made with calcium chloride, but you need to check the contents to ensure it is the only ingredient.

Question: from rachelmusictherapy about the Cool Blue Light Chemiluminescence Experiment experiment :

Why did the penny reaction turn purple but the CuSO4*5H2O turn blue?

Question: from juliebanister1 about the Scientific Method Made Easy: Introduction experiment :

Are you using the old edition or the new edition for Apologia Biology Science.? I already have the old edition. Do I need the Biology Science Notebooking Journal? Thanks

Question: from wendysbutler about the Neptune’s Furnace experiment :

can I find calcium chloride at my local grocery store

Question: from mckenziegmama about the Shopping List for Unit 7 experiment :

Dear Team Aurora ;), I’m planning on letting my next -year -senior take Astrophysics. Are the 3 modules combined one Highschool credit ? Also, I was very glad not to see to much math ( or am I mistaken) . Thx kindly , Franziska Mickey

Answer:  Foam Slingshot Rocket

I think these will fly better because of the stabilizing fins. But, it sounds like a good experiment for you!

Answer:  Planetarium and Star Show

The following page has information on selecting a telescope and there are a few links on the bottom of the page. https://www.sciencelearningspace2.com/2019/09/avoid-getting-ripped-off-when-you-buy-a-microscope-telescope-and-binoculars/

Question: from marijanatropin about the Pop Rockets experiment :

We did this experiment and at first used some random little containers I had sitting around - that had stretchy rubber lids. Second try, we used a plastic cream cheese container, and that worked as in it made a loud POP! but it didn't go anywhere. I varied the amounts of baking soda vs. vinegar until we ran out of baking soda... Any suggestions? Thanks!

Question: from marijanatropin about the Real Rockets experiment :

Whoa... I can imagine that was a lot of fun - and a lot of noise! Sofia

Question: from marijanatropin about the Foam Slingshot Rocket experiment :

This one looks a lot like the "Slingshot Bats" Halloween project. Which one flies better? Loved the part where you set off the smoke alarm! Sofia

Question: from faithyz83 about the Planetarium and Star Show experiment :

Hello! How does one go about selecting and purchasing the best at home telescope that a beginner can grow to use as a professional?

Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Thermodynamics

Take an ice cube and place it in a sink filled with water. Notice that no matter which way you place the ice cube, it will always rotate in the water so the same side faces up. Even though the ice cube floats, the heaviest part moves underwater. The same is true for icebergs, which often have irregular shapes. The heaviest part naturally moves underwater. Also, any part that's above the water will be exposed to sunlight, which will cause a certain amount of the iceberg to melt, thus making it smaller.

Answer:  Tetrahedral Kite

Well, all the triangles in the tetrahedron are the same size, so it can't really be upside down.

Answer:  Dragon Kite

Try flying it as one strip first. Then experiment cutting the tail into strips.

Question: from tweetytumbles about the Special Science Teleclass: Thermodynamics experiment :

why is the bottom of an iceberg bigger on the bottom of it? And smaller at the top

Question: from leeann_brodeur about the Harmonicas experiment :

It's coõoool!!!!! Thank you Aurora!? I made it than my sister's wantant some !... We enjoy it

Question: from ericksonnationmom about the Tetrahedral Kite experiment :

so when its flying it looks like an upside down pyramid?

Question: from ericksonnationmom about the Dragon Kite experiment :

could i cut the tail into strips would it still fly?

Answer:  Tetrahedral Kite

Here is a picture from the video paused at 4:05 (four minutes and five seconds). The string that I'm holding, which is attached to that kite at two spots, is called the bridle. The string to fly the kite should be tied to the bridle at the location I'm holding with my left hand. The crepe paper tail should be attached at the spot circles in the picture. You can attach the tail by inserting one end into the corner of the kite. Put apply some glue from your glue stick and fold the end of the crepe paper over on itself. Kite string and tail location

Answer:  Lava Lamp

Changing temperature of the oil affects the rate the the salt falls through it. Changing the temperature of the water affects how the salt dissolves into the water. If the effervescent tablets are small, they are too light and will remain suspended in the oil.

Answer:  Chemical Fingerprinting

There aren't any other experiments, but an alternative is to make your own goldenrod paper. Here is a link: http://blog.teachersource.com/2014/02/05/make-goldenrod-paper/

Question: from ericksonnationmom about the Tetrahedral Kite experiment :

im confused on how you fly it you said to attach a tail where the lower bridle goes so the tail would go under the straw that doesn't have tissue

Question: from chvy409 about the Chemical Fingerprinting experiment :

Is there any other experiments with goldenrod paper? Because i don't want to buy an 100 pack if i am not going to need it again.

Answer:  Shopping List for Unit 9

This list is for Unit 9. There is a different material list if you go through this content by either "Grades" or "Live Classes".

Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Chemistry

Yes, it's the first item listed in the material list above. Do you see it?

Question: from candjpatch about the Lava Lamp experiment :

Hi there we tried the cold water and warm oil combinations. What are the differences we are supposed to notice? And if there is a difference to notice, what is the reason for it? Also tried the tablets - what is the reason why the small chunks get stuck in the oil and don't go down to the water? Thanks in advance for you answers.

Question: from amie_sarker about the Special Science Teleclass: Chemistry experiment :

Is there a worksheet for this teleclass on chemistry for 2nd grade?

Answer:  Do Plants Store Energy?

Instead of the peanut, you can try a dried bean, such as the kind used to make soup. Instead of the peanut shell, you can try dried corn husk.

Question: from elissa_starosto about the Do Plants Store Energy? experiment :

We have nut allergies. Can we use something other than a nut shell?

Answer:  Chemical Fingerprinting

We share a link for goldenrod paper on the Unit 19 shopping list, which is available here: https://www.sciencelearningspace2.com/2011/11/shopping-list-for-unit-19/

Question: from chvy409 about the Chemical Fingerprinting experiment :

Where could i find goldenrod paper?

Answer:  Microwaving Soap

Ivory is a brand of soap made by Proctor & Gamble. This soap is manufactured in a way that creates lots of air bubbles inside. In fact, there used be commercials promoting the fact that it floats! If you can find another brand of soap that floats (indicating that there are lots of air bubbles inside), you could give it a try.

Question: from tiffanyscott about the Shopping List for Unit 9 experiment :

Is this list or the one on the unit overview more updated? I noticed they are a little different: uv beads for example

Question: from shehla_baig about the Microwaving Soap experiment :

aurora, what is an ivory soap? Not sure if will be able to find it here in my country. Is there an alternative one.

Answer:  Easy Steps to Award-Winning Science Fair Projects

It is okay to look up science fair project ideas, but avoid science fair project explanations where all the work has been done for you. Try to pick a project where you can discover the results for yourself.

Answer:  The Best Parent-Annoyer Ever

No, shoe polish would be way too messy.

Question: from jocelyngelms about the The Best Parent-Annoyer Ever experiment :

could you use shoe polish

Question: from jocelyngelms about the Chicken and the Clam experiment :


Question: from compelledlife about the Easy Steps to Award-Winning Science Fair Projects experiment :

Are you saying that if you can look up your science fair project idea you should probably find a new idea?

Answer:  Electroplating

You really need a 9volt battery for this experiment. D or AA batteries only provide 1.5 volts each.

Question: from julie_whitenack about the Electroplating experiment :

I thought I had all the supplies for this unit but it turns out I don't have the 9V battery clip. Can we use a different battery compartment? We have ones that fit a D battery and one that fits 2 AA batteries.

Question: from noah_1411 about the Bomber Plane experiment :

I had a tough time building it, but I didn’t give up.

Answer:  Glowing Slime

Yellow works best, but a florescent green or orange highlighter will also work.

Question: from sara_marstall about the Glowing Slime experiment :

can i use a different color highlighter

Answer:  Trigonometry in Action

Yes we covered this in both our Algebra and Geometry classes (click for recordings in the Unit 24 section) when we did real astronomy problems and had to work with large numbers.

Answer:  Fruit Battery

Most LEDs require about 2 volts in order to glow. You may need to put more than one "fruit battery" in series in order to reach that voltage.

Question: from 16foleys about the Trigonometry in Action experiment :

Could you please do a class on multiplying and dividing scientific notation?

Question: from julie_whitenack about the Fruit Battery experiment :

We got our battery to register on the multimeter, and then we tried connecting it to an LED we had from the electricity unit, but it didn't light up. Is there not enough voltage to light up an LED?

Answer:  Making Clouds

This experiment only uses water, not rubbing alcohol.

Question: from apriljtaranto about the Making Clouds experiment :

Do you need to add the rubbing alcohol to the bottle if you are putting the bottle in the freezer overnight?

Answer:  PhotoReading

It should work for anything you need to read.

Question: from hazel_mendoza about the Osmosis in Potatoes & Beans experiment :

We really like the explanation of cells, cell mebranes and what osmosis is. We enjoy the experiments. We would love to see what happen in the water filter you created at the end. Thank you :)

Question: from ericksonnationmom about the PhotoReading experiment :

this seems like a lot of work but i have a tone of books to read ! would it work with research reports????

Question: from joel_andring about the Solar Boat experiment :

It makes a cleaner cut anyways, but it also makes foam dust!

Question: from joel_andring about the Solar Boat experiment :

Works even better to use a fine toothed hand saw to cut the foam, rather than a razor blade.

Answer:  Shopping List for Unit Zero

Unit Zero is an overview of the entire e-Science program, put in very simple terms. I added this in response to parents who wanted an overview to better understand the concepts we were covering in the bigger picture of things. I would start with Unit 1, or pick a topic under LIVE CLASSES and get started. Let me know if you have any further questions!

Answer:  What's Up in the Sky?


Question: from hartingj about the Shopping List for Unit Zero experiment :

I am a bit confused. I saw in some of the comments that unit 0 is only for parents, but then there is a materials list and some videos on newton's laws of motion. I'm just starting out and have and 8 1/2 year old and an almost-10 year old and am going to work with them together. I am just clarifying if I should start with some of the videos and experiments in Unit 0 or just start somewhere else. We are very excited! Thank you, Jan

Question: from eleakemp about the What's Up in the Sky? experiment :

Where can I find a current Stargazers Almanac?

Answer:  Osmosis in Potatoes & Beans

Please review the information under LIVE CLASSES -> Feb Biology -> Cells (week 26)

Question: from monogramsbyme7 about the Osmosis in Potatoes & Beans experiment :

Can you go into greater detail about how and why this happened?

Answer:  Hovercraft Project

It is okay to use two motors that are the same size. As long as you have propellers that will fit on the shaft.

Answer:  Scent Matching

No, please use the items that are listed.

Answer:  Detecting Carbon Dioxide

No, please use the supplies listed.

Answer:  Heart Rate Monitoring

It is a little more difficult to find your pulse if you are at rest (like sitting at a computer). Do a few minutes of exercise and then try again.

Question: from ericksonnationmom about the Scent Matching experiment :

could you use the following?: (food) (yard) 1. corn syrup 1. freshly cut saw dust 2. red wine vinegar 2.sticky buds 3.pepper 3.mud 4.peppermint 4.straw

Question: from ericksonnationmom about the Detecting Carbon Dioxide experiment :

could you use baking soda instead of ammonia ?????????????

Question: from ericksonnationmom about the Measuring the Heart's Health experiment :

i have a stethoscope with a bell

Question: from ericksonnationmom about the Heart Rate Monitoring experiment :

I cant feel my pulse. Where else could I try to feel my pulse?????????

Question: from tiffanyscott about the Hovercraft Project experiment :

I can only find one size motor that is the same size as the one we already have - about 1 inch. any idea where I can get a smaller or larger one?