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Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Rocketry & Spaceflight

There are two ways to do this experiment. You can use baking soda and vinegar, or you can use Alka-Seltzer and water. You won't need water if you have baking soda and vinegar. It is best to use a film canister or some kind of canister that is similar in size and has a tight fitting lid. If your container is to big, the reaction won't build up enough pressure.

Answer:  Ammonia Experiments

It sounds like you may not have enough water. Be sure to use a test tube that is similar in size to the one shown in the video. Be sure to fill the test tube with 5cm of water.

Answer:  Part 14: DNA

DNA is just the information. You can think of DNA molecules as books written in code. Other parts inside the cell know how to read this "book" and gather the information needed.

Question: from heidirks about the Special Science Teleclass: Rocketry & Spaceflight experiment :

If you have baking soda and vinegar, do you put water in your canister? Can you use a simple large-ish plastic container instead of a film canister?

Question: from heidirks about the Part 14: DNA experiment :

What tells the DNA what to do? It seems like the DNA has the biggest job of all. Wouldn't it need something to tell it what to do to?

Question: from anfayad about the Ammonia Experiments experiment :

when I mix the sodium carbonate and ammonium chloride in the test tube, it turns into white slush, so I was wondering what I did wrong.

Answer:  Calibrated Spectrometer

It's hard to say without seeing your setup, and this one in particular is a difficult one to image/video since it's a light experiment. Let me send you a private email with a suggestion in it.

Answer:  Easy Laser Light Show

I've updated the video player - does it work for you now?

Answer:  Atoms

We do! Check out Dec 2020 content in Live Classes. The Periodic Table is pretty complex, but we break it down into a few simple steps when we talk about atomic weight, atomic number, and general order and sequence of certain elements. I would also recommend the book recommendations for December as well (link on main Live Class page).

Question: from whitneyehle about the Easy Laser Light Show experiment :

I also can't watch the video, and I am logged in. It says the server failed or the format isn't supported. All the other videos work though.

Question: from theelkins5 about the Atoms experiment :

I wish you had something simple to introduce atoms and periodic table to K-8th. I have searched the site, but the only information that comes up says it is for high school. I think it would be great to have a lighter introduction in the lower grades. We are going to do a superhero periodic table project, but I was hoping you had something on here that would easily explain what atomic weight and number etc.

Question: from iwonica5 about the Special Science Teleclass: Thermodynamics experiment :


Question: from larmag0724 about the Detecting the Gravitational Field experiment :

This was very helpful.

Question: from shannon13 about the Ping Pong Funnel experiment :

Hi Aurora We had so much fun with this experiment. My son discovered that he could create enough low pressure for the ping pong ball to defy gravity briefly. He pointed the funnel down to the floor and held the ball inside with one finger. He blew as hard and long as he could and only moved his finger once the his breath was strong. As long as his breath was full and strong, the ball stayed briefly aloft inside the funnel. Once his breath waned, the ball would drop. I tried it for the kids next (since I have better breath control haha) and it stayed up several seconds. They all agree that my "co-teacher" Ms Aurora is pretty amazing :)

Question: from anfayad about the Calibrated Spectrometer experiment :

Hi, we got a piece of diffraction grating that says 13,500 lines per inch and tried to make the calibrated spectrometer but couldn't see lines on the ruler, so we were wondering if we got the wrong diffraction grating?

Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Geology

No, regular laundry soap won't do the trick. We need Borax because it contains sodium tetraborate.

Question: from numberoneboxers about the Special Science Teleclass: Geology experiment :

Can I use any type of launder soap

Answer:  Force-full Cereal

Although magnetism is a factor with iron fortified cereal, sometimes the surface tension of the fluid has a higher impact on how the pieces of cereal arrange on the surface of the fluid. Also, depending on the type of magnet you use, it may not be strong enough to impart an attraction to the piece of cereal. Perhaps visit a grocery store and check the nutrition information on a few flake or "O" cereals, and find one with the highest iron content. Place one flake or "O" of cereal on the surface of the milk (or water). Then, stack some magnets together and try to "pull" the flake around the surface of the bowl.

Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Renewable & Alternative Energy

The project is around the 36 minute mark. Does that help? And it's one sign on username for everyone in your household.

Question: from ally_gillotte about the Force-full Cereal experiment :

Okay, I'm really confused about this one, if it's supposed to demonstrate magnetic attraction. We used the same Trader Joe's O cereal and it displayed the attractive behavior like in the video, but it did not respond to a magnet at all. We didn't have another iron-fortified cereal to try, but we did have some fried wonton strips fortified with a different iron compound, and when those were broken up to cereal size and put in milk, they also were attracted to each other but not to a magnet. We tried different magnets too. And you mention soap bubbles being attracted in the same way, but those have no iron. What does magnetism have to do with this??

Answer:  Turning Copper Into Gold

A propane grill won't do the job. That is way to large of a heat source and we need the heat source to be more concentrated.

Answer:  Rainbow Shadows

Darker colors will cause the cellophane to absorb more energy, which causes the cellophane to heat up. Try holding the cellophane farther away from the headlight.

Answer:  Preparing a Dry Mount Slide

We won't be able to recommend a specific store in your area. Telescope or camera stores often sell microscopes. This page has recommendations on how to shop for microscopes and even shows you how you can make a basic microscope: https://www.sciencelearningspace2.com/2010/07/microscope-shop-list/

Answer:  Lava Lamp

When a substance is soluble, that means it can be dissolved in a liquid, especially water.

Question: from janeofthejumble about the Rainbow Shadows experiment :

We colored cellophane with sharpies and put each color over a headlamp. The red caused the plastic to start melting so it was short-lived but a cool experiment. Any insight as to why that is?

Question: from jenniejousset84 about the Preparing a Dry Mount Slide experiment :

i dont have a microscope were can i find one in alberta

Question: from lorimktdir about the Turning Copper Into Gold experiment :

Hi, my son really wants to do this experiment. I don't have a propane torch or gas stove. I do have a propane grill. Would that work? Thank you, Lori

Question: from jcantrell about the Special Science Teleclass: Renewable & Alternative Energy experiment :

I can watch the video on Renewable and Alternative Energy and I can download the worksheet. But I can find anything on the project where is it? Also, does my son have a separate signon, or is just one signon for the course? Just trying to figure out how to use this.

Question: from Bekahbennett about the Special Science Teleclass: Astronomy experiment :

Ian, age 9, would like to know "If comets are giant snowballs, how do they orbit the sun without melting?" Alex, age 13, would like to know how you know exactly what happens when something enters a black hole? Using the example of Jack and Jill, how do you know exactly what happened from Jack's perspective? Thank you!

Question: from christina_andrist about the Spectrometer experiment :

where is the data table?

Question: from jocelyngelms about the Lava Lamp experiment :

what is soluble

Question: from tam0673 about the Hot Ice Sculptures experiment :

Our hand warmers don't have sodium acetate trihydrate in them. Where could I find some with that chemical in them, or should I make it myself?

Answer:  Desalination

Once there is no more visible water, it is best to remove the heat source. If you continued heating the flask (or test tube), any remaining moisture in the salt would evaporate until no moisture remains. The salt and test tube would continue to heat up. This can cause the test tube to crack.

Answer:  Rock Candy Crystals

1) Yes, waxing part of the wooden rod may help prevent mold, but you should only put wax on the part of the stick that is outside of the sugar water mixture. 2) Yes, crystals will most likely grow on any sugar "seeds" that fall from the wood rod. 3) As long as you saturated the water with sugar, crystals should grow. But, remember that crystals can only grow on the portion of the rod that is submerged in the sugar water. So using a larger container means you'll have to make a larger amount of sugar water. 4) The mosquito was probable attracted to both the water and the sugar. Sugar is one of the ingredients in mosquito traps.

Question: from tam0673 about the Desalination experiment :

What would happen if you kept heating the salt left behind in the Erlenmeyer flask? (I reasonably cannot find out myself as I do not have the proper glassware.)

Answer:  How to Grow Mushrooms

If you do a search for "mushroom plugs" you'll find local and online retail stores that will be able to help!

Answer:  Introduction to Creating a Homemade Weather Station

Yes you'll find a list of materials for each lesson right above the video for the lesson.

Question: from iwonica5 about the Sound Whackers experiment :


Question: from morkthedork about the How to Grow Mushrooms experiment :

Is there a link to a place where we can purchase or make the mushroom plugs?

Question: from schneider1029 about the Introduction to Creating a Homemade Weather Station experiment :

Is there a way to see the material needed for each individual lesson? I only see the materials list for the whole unit. We won't be doing all of the labs, just one a week. Specifically, I am looking for the supply list for the weather station lesson.

Answer:  Microwaving Soap

Yes, it is best to use Ivory soap because it has a lot of air whipped into it at the factory.

Question: from morkthedork about the Rock Candy Crystals experiment :

Hi. My daughter and I started this experiment on 8/25/21 and split the solution into 4 jars (2 larger and 2 smaller jars). On 9/14 we noticed 3 skewers were growing mold. That day, we replaced 2 skewers that were not growing crystals with freshly seeded skewers to see if crystals would form. 10/4 We noticed that all skewers were growing mold above the solution line and one jar had a mosquito in it (yuck!). Out of the 4 jars, two skewers grew crystals while all the others grew crystals on the bottom of the jar. The smaller jar had the most well defined crystals growing. My daughter's (Zuri age 9) questions about this experiment : 1) Do you think that waxing the tip of the wooden rod would help prevent mold from growing? 2) Are crystals growing on the bottom of the jar due to the seeded sugar falling off of the wooden skewers? 3) Does the size of the jar effect how well the crystals form? 4) Do you think the mosquito was attracted to the sugar, the water, or both?

Question: from monicabohndb about the Microwaving Soap experiment :

does it have to be ivory soap?

Answer:  Basic Fundamentals

It looks like the link was pointing to the wrong page. I've updated it, so you should be able to get to it by clicking "VIII. Static Electricity" Sorry for the confusion!

Question: from ruddicka about the Basic Fundamentals experiment :

Hi Aurora, I think I have the same question as the other woman below. I was downloading all of the PDFs in order to print the workbooks, but I don't see a link for Chapter 8. It sounds like you are aware of it in your comment below, but I wasn't sure when that other comment was posted. I thought I would just bring it up again. If you're already working on it- then I can be patient. :) If it's not on your radar, then I just wanted to bring attention to it again. Thank you so much! Amy

Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Physics of Motion

Sorry about that - it looks like the page formatting was mixed up. I fixed it and how the worksheet is showing. Have fun!

Question: from mjbrown662013 about the Special Science Teleclass: Physics of Motion experiment :

I'm not finding the fill-in-the-blank worksheet that goes along with the video/lecture. Thx!

Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Rocketry & Spaceflight

No, Mentos won't provide a reaction in this situation. It is important to use water and Alka-Seltzer (or generic brand) tablets.

Question: from carolinametzgers about the Special Science Teleclass: Rocketry & Spaceflight experiment :

Could you use Mentos instead of Alka-Seltzer?

Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Renewable & Alternative Energy

The videos on this page provide instructions for baking cookies: https://www.sciencelearningspace2.com/2019/02/solar-cookies-3/

Answer:  Sensing Temperature

Sorry for the confusion. We're introducing temperature and how to measure it. I'll fix the description above to make it match.

Answer:  Shopping List for Unit Zero

If you get a spool of 100 feet, that will work for the projects in not only this unit but many others as well (Units 10, 11, 12, and 6). The links for the magnet wire and magnets are now updated. I am sorry for the trouble, we never know when one of the vendors changes their product links, so I appreciate the head's up!

Answer:  Build a Solar System

Yes we know, I am sorry that it no longer works. We've been in touch with the programmers at Phet, and they are currently working on this particular one, since it was so popular. They expect it to be up and running soon, but didn't give a specific date. We did try to help them out by asking folks to donate to their company to help support this particular simulator. There really isn't another that really works as well as this one did. This is the best one at the moment: https://phet.colorado.edu/sims/html/gravity-and-orbits/latest/gravity-and-orbits_en.html

Answer:  Binary Planetary Systems

The exact length of the string isn't important. You'll want to cut your string so you can swing the can in the circle without hitting the ground.

Question: from Liberty about the Build a Solar System experiment :

Hi, just wanted to let you know that the Solar System Simulation link does not work because it is Flash based which is no longer supported. Any other options? Thanks!

Question: from elifseydaaydin about the Sensing Temperature experiment :

Its explanation before entering thw video page doesnt make connection with the video and also this video is same with the first experiment in physics part. Is there any mistake can be possibly videos mixed?

Question: from archana_iyer about the Shopping List for Unit Zero experiment :

I am not able to find what is meant by thin and thick magnets in unit zero shopping list. The links are not working. Also the spool of magnet wire should be how long?

Question: from ccfellman about the Can Solar Energy Be Concentrated? experiment :

that's cool and weird

Question: from ccfellman about the Binary Planetary Systems experiment :

What is your scale of height--string?

Question: from mcman53 about the Air Horns & Sonic BOOM! experiment :

i've just gave up on the m&ms container i'm using. i was making a hole in the bottom and punched out the entire indented part. my mom told me to use paper on the straw to widen it but it won't work. bit of advise: if you're using a m&ms container, use a drillbit!

Question: from ericksonnationmom about the Special Science Teleclass: Renewable & Alternative Energy experiment :

how do i cook cookies in the solar oven

Answer:  Slope of the Line

Yes, it can be difficult to stop the ball after only one second. If possible, conduct the experiment on a driveway. This will give you more room to work. It is okay if your first mark is at two seconds. Be sure to then make marks at three seconds and four seconds.

Answer:  Kinematic Equations Example Problems

Please review the first 4 and a half minutes of the video to see the explanation of the math. Keep in mind that 88 meters had to be converted into kilometers. Also the first result for time was in hours, and we had to convert it to seconds, which gave us the value of 5.28.

Answer:  Part 12: Cells

I don't think we mention 3/4. But, but we do mention 4/3. That fraction is part of the formula to determine the volume of a sphere. This formula is explained at 8:40 in the video.

Answer:  Building Speakers

It is called function generator.

Answer:  Acceleration

It's meant as an option lab the kids can do. We left the header in there so you could go to the right unit and module if you need to go back to review the background information for this lab (Unit 2, etc).

Answer:  Acceleration

About 700 of the 1500 science experiments in this section have worksheets, but what we're really after here is for kids to learn how to create their own. The worksheet themselves is more like training wheels, to model what we're looking for when doing the science experiment. Eventually, kids will be making their own data tables and asking their own questions, designing their own experiments and figuring out their own conclusions - that's the real result we're after. There's a detailed video on how to create your own here: https://www.sciencelearningspace2.com/science-with-aurora/

Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Geology

It should clear up in 20-30 minutes without stirring. If it's cloudy from tiny air bubbles in your water line, those clear up by themselves quickly. If you've added too much sugar, then it will all fall to the bottom and then turn clear (if that's the case, add a bit more water, stir and let sit again).

Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Physics of Motion

You need to be logged in first, and then the video and worksheet will appear.

Question: from tiffanyscott about the Special Science Teleclass: Physics of Motion experiment :

How do we watch this video? Also, is there a worksheet? Thank you

Question: from workingpartners about the Kinematic Equations Example Problems experiment :

How did 88m over 1/2(75+45)kph go to t +5.28

Question: from carolrosgaard about the Acceleration experiment :

And I guess I was also wondering if there are daily worksheets? Am I missing that or do some videos not have worksheets?

Question: from carolrosgaard about the Acceleration experiment :

When I printed off the lessons, the Driveway Acceleration worksheet printed right after the Acceleration Lesson. It says that it is Unit 2, Lesson 2, but are they supposed to do this worksheet at this time or save it until later?

Question: from chelsea_wengzynowski about the Building Speakers experiment :

it was so fun

Question: from rachcrist about the Special Science Teleclass: Geology experiment :

In the sugar crystal experiment, with the 8 to 3 ratio our solution is steaming but is cloudy, not clear. Does this mean it needs heated more? Or more water? We’ve been stirring it for at least 20 min.

Answer:  Fire-Water Balloon

Conduction is a form of heat transfer, not a type of energy itself. Heat, in a way, doesn’t exist. Nothing has heat. Things can have a temperature. They can have a thermal energy but they can’t have heat. Heat is really the transfer of thermal energy. Or, in other words, the movement of thermal energy from one object to another. Heat can be transferred through conduction, convection or radiation.

Question: from elisabeth_hill about the Part 12: Cells experiment :

Hi Aroura, I think I have missed something in the equation for measuring the molecule. Why are we using 3/4 ? Thanks.

Question: from harvestblessingsfarm about the Building Speakers experiment :

what is the machine that makes the noise called

Answer:  Switches

No, thumbtacks won't really do the job. Thumbtacks can't hold on to paper like brass fasteners can. Also, some thumbtacks have a plastic coating, which will prevent them from conducting electricity. So, please be sure to use brass thumbtacks.

Question: from chvy409 about the Whackapow! experiment :

Is there a worksheet for this experiment?

Question: from clare_averill550 about the Slope of the Line experiment :

We had an infuriating time trying to actually time 1 second of travel and eventually gave up on the experiment.

Question: from clare_averill550 about the The velocity-time "v-t" graphs experiment :

This video, with its examples graphed out, makes a lot more sense than the "p-t graph" video.

Question: from tiffanyscott about the Fire-Water Balloon experiment :

For question #3, why is conduction not part of this experiment? Thank you!

Question: from iwonica5 about the Tasty Tastebuds experiment :


Question: from aabbott1221 about the Protozoa in the Grass experiment :

This is my third day, and I still haven't seen any protozoa. Does salt and softened water kill protozoa-keep it from growing? We don't have chlorinated water, so I didn't let the water sit for 24 hours. Thanks!

Question: from marijanatropin about the Switches experiment :

Can I use thumbtacks instead of brass fasteners? Sofia, age 10

Question: from nitzah_santiagohorseman about the Is It Alive? experiment :

He is loving the lessons

Question: from nitzah_santiagohorseman about the Is It Alive? experiment :

Love it! My son Shimon age 4 got them all right.

Answer:  First, Second, and Third Class Levers

Please visit Unit 21, Advanced Physics. The math is completed worked out for you in that section of the website.

Question: from heidi_hancock about the Can Solar Energy Be Concentrated? experiment :


Answer:  Mousetrap Car

It is best to build this car with four wheels. Using only one wheel up front would require significant modifications to the foam block. Plus, the car is most stable with four wheels.

Question: from lauriedopkins about the Mousetrap Car experiment :

can you make it a 3 wheels

Answer:  Building Speakers

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Question: from kimberlyv about the Building Speakers experiment :

Thank you Aurora for dolng that. I am Joshua your student from the zoom meaning. I am inerested in speakers.

Answer:  Instant Ice

Be sure that you are using glass and not plastic for the cup. Be sure to use crushed ice, not full size ice cubes and be sure that the ice level is higher than the level of water in the glass. Double check all those factors and then try again. Good luck!

Answer:  Advanced Static Lab

The penny is used to provide a strong surface that easily supports the canister and allows us to drill the small divot. The penny isn't used to carry a charge. If your lid already has a divot, feel free to try out your motor without the penny. But you may find that it spins more consistently once the penny with a divot is used.

Question: from mary_elsesser about the Instant Ice experiment :

What are some of the reasons this might not work? We ran the experiment twice.

Question: from dmc8162011 about the First, Second, and Third Class Levers experiment :

The worksheet is very complicated. Unit 4: Lesson 1. F = (W * X) / L It then goes on to ask problem 1. We are still trying to understand the concepts. Can you please explain problems 1 and 2 so I can try to explain the math to my kids? Problem 1 has the 120 lb and lifting 200 lb water and Problem 2 has the 24 ' board for reference. Would you consider when having math problems when there is one example completely written out? Math is an absolute struggle for me! Thank you I appreciate it

Question: from mirzamediha about the Advanced Static Lab experiment :

Do you have to have a penny on the lid of the center film canister? We already have a divet on the lid of our film canister. So i am asking is the penny necessary for carrying the charge through?

Answer:  BumperBot

You can find links for all supplies in your Science Packet. It is available under Step 1 on this page: https://www.sciencelearningspace2.com/science-with-aurora/. Just use the Find (CTRL-F) to search for the parts.