Here is a list of the main scientific concepts students learn in third grade! These science concepts are organized into categories. To start, just click on any link. You can do these in any order at any pace that's right for you.

Earth Science A fundamental course in getting to know our planet better through the eyes of a scientist. You'll get to build a homemade weather station, complete with cloud tracker and hair hygrometer for measuring the Earth’s atmosphere while learning how to make predictions about the weather for the season.
unit1 Physics We’re going to study velocity, acceleration, forces, and Newton’s three laws of motion in this section. You’ll get to throw things, build g-force accelerometers, and much more as you uncover the basis of all physics in our crash-course in projectile motion. Build balloon racers, detect electric fields, construct a bridge that holds over 400 times its own weight, and find the Earth's magnetic pulse.
Astronomy A comprehensive course that teaches the big ideas behind Newton’s ground-breaking work. Discover how to identify meteorites, learn about magnetic storms, listen to the song of the sun, learn how to chart the stars, and build a simple handheld telescope.
Life Science This is an introduction to the microscope, and we’re going to not only how to use a microscope but also cover the basics of optics, slide preparation, and why we can see things that are invisible to the naked eye. Microscopes are basically two lenses put together to make things appear larger, and there are several tips and tricks to making viewing virtually invisible specimens.