After you’ve made the paper flying machines, it’s time to step it up and make an electric plane that really flies around in a circle. You can suspend this from a string tied to the ceiling or pop it into the eraser top on a wooden pencil. Either way, it’s guaranteed to make you and your cat quite dizzy.

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5 Responses to “Electric Spinning Flyer”

  1. I’d recommend switching the wires on the back of your motor… sounds like the motor’s turning in the wrong direction.

  2. Lynn Glasheen says:

    Danger:The propeller goes so fast it can cut your finger,believe me i’ve had experience!!!!!!


    My airplane flies backwards any ideas why and how to fix it?

  3. Pamela Church says:


  4. My staff is contacting you now with a couple of ideas…

  5. Sandra Raoelina says:

    I’m having a tough time locating a toy propeller. Any ideas? Thanks!