This is a double-project, because each requires the scraps of the other. The origami airplane requires a square sheet of paper, and the ninja star needs the strip left over from turning a regular sheet of copy paper into a square sheet.

Both of these contraptions fly well if you take your time and make them carefully. Just watch yourself with the ninja star – it’s not only fast and furious, the ends are sharp and guaranteed to turn heads… and necks.
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17 Responses to “Origami Airplane & Ninja Star”

  1. Lillian Jackson says:

    We just moved into a new house. And he helped me with the ninja star and I understand now.

  2. I was wondering if he got tired of the curtains or something… 🙂 Which part of the ninja star is giving you trouble? Some people reported that they had to watch it a couple of times to get the folding and inserting just right. Do you have someone around who’s good at these things to help?

  3. Lillian Jackson says:

    The ninja star. And I meant my Dad was putting up curtains no cutting them up. (:

  4. Well, maybe you can make one of these for him, too so he knows how much you love science. Which one are you having trouble with – the airplane or the star?

  5. Lillian Jackson says:

    The one time my Uncle calls to talk is the one time I’m trying to have fun with a science experiment And now I can’t figure it out and my Mom is busy talking to him and my Dad is cutting up new curtains!

  6. Pamela Church says:

    we cannot figure out the last step of folding the points in we did it but one point is always shorter than the rest.

  7. Lynn Glasheen says:


  8. Kind of like a small frisbee… you flick your wrist quickly and it goes sailing. It’s not very aerodynamically balanced (I didn’t show you how to balance it for weight, you you can balance it on a pencil tip to figure this out) so you will probably notice it veer and wobble when you first toss it.

  9. Lynn Glasheen says:

    How do you throw the ninja star?

  10. TRACY RAYNOR says:

    This is soo confusing! We still have two ninja stars at our house that are waiting to be finished. Until then, we will have to push through the confusion vortex.

  11. Kristen Evert says:

    Fun, Fun , Fun. Thank you for telling us about the planes and throwing stars!

  12. Cool! I was just about to post a video on how to make a Magic Star that also transforms into a frisbee-disc, and is a much more advanced Ninja Star that takes 8 pieces of paper…

  13. We made two aeroplanes and and one ninja star. They are all 3 flying around the house now! Thanks for that, it was fun making them and even more fun playing with them. We are looking forward to making a few things this week.

  14. Stacey Thomas says:

    It seems like ours were puffy? and unstable when crashing. 🙁 We will try the video again. Thanks! This day has been fun EXCEPT the flying made me sick! I should have taken Dramamine before our science camp started.

  15. You need to lay one folded strip over the over, perpendicular to each other.

    Then fold one of the triangle ends back on top (see video). Continue to fold each of the triangles the way you’d close a box. When you get to the last one, tuck it under the first. Watch the video again and see if that helps.

    It’s worth the effort – I know you can do it!

  16. Stacey Thomas says:

    Please help! We are SO confused on how to finish our ninja stars at our house. We have folded properly the two strips but cannot figure out how to tuck in the papers to make the points. We are four ninjas in waiting hoping for your help. Thank you!