In this unit, you will learn about cells, which are the tiny things that everything is made of. We’ll start off by talking about the scientists who first observed and described cells. Then we’ll talk about cells themselves. We’ll learn about things even smaller than cells that are inside of them, and what they do to help cells survive and do their jobs. We’ll also talk about how things get in and out of cells. Finally, we’ll take a look at how cells reproduce. All of this is important because cells make up all living things. In order to understand how living things like animals, plants, and bacteria live and grow, we must understand cells.

One of the best things you can do with this unit is to take notes in a journal as you go.


Snap photos of yourself doing the actual experiment and paste them in alongside your drawing of your experimental setup. This is the same way scientists document their own findings, and it's a lot of fun to look back at the splattered pages later on and see how far you've come. I always jot down my questions that didn't get answered with the experiment across the top of the page so I can research it more later. Are you ready to get started?