Aviation with Flight Instructor Al

Welcome to Flight School with certified flight instructor, Al! On this page you'll find all the recordings and content from the classes with Al so you can watch and learn. Are you ready to discover the amazing world of flight?

Field Trip Flying Adventures

No materials needed for these classes, and any materials that are needed will be included in the downloads for flight school, and we’ll include a link to it in the weekly email that goes out.

Classes are on Zoom only. Recordings will be posted to this page after each session.

  • Dates will be posted soon!

Recording of Flight School Lesson #1 from 2022

Such a beautiful day for a flight! Let's get introduced to how the flight controls work, how to read the instruments, and do a real take-off and landing. We might even be able to fly over the ocean! 

Recording of Flight School Lesson #2 (2022)

Now that we've been a flight, it's time to take a look at what's involved with getting from our departure to our destination airports.

Recording of  Flight  School Lesson #3 (2022)

Recording of Flight School Lesson #4 (2022)

Aviation Month!

We are going to spend an entire month just in aviation! Be sure to join us as we take you from zero to soaring through the clouds with a certified flight instructor! You will discover how aircraft are built to maneuver the skies, design and test different sizes of wings, explore where to place the center of gravity, and learn how stability works. You'll also get to meet several pilots, including a 787 Airline Captain and Thunderbird Pilot and more with this hands-on flying experience designed to get you inspired to take flight!