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Welcome to your Science Adventure!

I am so excited you’re joining us this year! Welcome to the Supercharged Science Family!

I am going to do all the lesson planning and content delivery for your science curriculum, and it all starts on this page.  Here you will find the lessons on video to start off each science lesson. The videos on this page go with Academic Year Planner (link below).

Intro Video to the online program

Academic Year 2022-23

Welcome to our Supercharged Science Family! I am so excited you’re joining us this year!  This  online program is very flexible. Your child can work through the program at their own pace, fast or slow, and on their own schedule. You can watch the lessons in any order, as many times as you’d like.

You don’t have to worry about trying to come up with a weekly science curriculum, answering hard science questions, and getting your kids to do their lessons… I’m going to do all the heavy lifting for you and do all of this and more! All YOU need to do is provide the kids.

As an added bonus, I am offering additional LIVE, interactive classes each week to introduce one science concept to your kids. Near the end of each lesson, I’ll answer questions and point to the experiments that go with the science topic we just covered.

Step 1: Download your Science Packet

I've put together a schedule of the classes I will be teaching live every week, and you are welcome to join me! There will be engineering challenges, time for questions and interaction, and so much more during our time together. This is also called an "Academic Planner", as it contains the information you need to plan out your academic year.

Teaching Schedule for Live Science Classes

New this year, Aurora and her team are teaching specialized subjects for our live class series! Aurora is teaching Physics and Chemistry every week in the Fall, and then she will move into applied sciences like Engineering for Winter and Spring.  Throughout the year, specialized instructors will cover Microscopy and Microbiology with Oliver; Electrical Engineering and Electronics with Brian; Aviation both ground school and in-flight lessons with flight instructor Al; and bonus stargazing sessions with real astronomers. 

You are welcome to do as many classes as you'd like, or if you prefer to go at your own pace and just watch the recordings of specific classes, please feel free to do so on your own schedule. The button below is an excerpt from the Academic Year Science Packet.

Step 2. Join a Live Class

All of the science classes are included in your enrollment, and you can do as many as you want. If you're new, we recommend doing a couple of live classes with Aurora at 10am Pacific on Tuesdays, so you can ask questions directly and get help.

On pages 9 - 14 in the Academic Packet for 2022-23, you'll find details of all the live bonus classes we are offering. Decide which the classes you want and pencil them in your own personal calendar. If you miss a class, you'll find the recordings posted below in the appropriate section. Simply scroll down to the appropriate month and click on the date to watch the recording.  Subscribe to the calendar feed here. All times in calendar are PACIFIC.

Academic Year 2022-23 LIVE Classes with Aurora:

You'll find all the science content for the current academic year published below. All live class video recordings, handouts, worksheets, bonus labs, material lists, experiment lists, and bonus live sessions are found below. (For Brian's Electronics content, please go to Unit 25; for Oliver's Microscopy is Unit 26, and Al's Aviation is Unit 27.)

September 2022 - Physics of Motion & Sound

This month, we are focusing on the fundamentals of physics. You’ll be taking a crash-course in physics as you swing, zoom, bang, drop, roll and tangle with Newton’s Laws of Motion and understand the basics principles of Energy. Kids will be experimenting with hovercraft, freefall motion, parachutes, catapults, building three kinds of speakers, and more!

October 2022 - Physics of Light

Discover the amazing properties of light by learning about intensity, color, brightness, polarization, and more as you work your way through the electromagnetic spectrum! We're going to build laser light shows, reflect holograms, shatter sunlight, and bend light into a pretzel using physics.

November 2022 - Electricity, Electronics, Magnetism

Spark together electric motors, build homemade burglar alarms, wire up latching circuits and create your own whizzing, hopping, dancing, screeching, swimming, crawling, wheeling, robots! Topics: electricity, magnetism, electrical charges, chassis construction, sensors.

December 2022 - Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity

Ooze, bubble, and slurp your way through the periodic table as you grow dinosaur toothpaste, coagulate slime, crystallize molecules, shake up ice cream, blast cannons and make a liquid freeze by heating it up. Discover 5 states of matter, supercooling, chemical kinetics, phase shifts, molecules, elements, atoms, chemical reactions.

January 2023 - Mechanical Engineering

We’re going to take the areas of physics and chemistry and apply it to one of the oldest branches in engineering: Mechanical Engineering. This area of science covers a wide scope, including engines and power systems, heat and cooling systems, renewable and alternative energy sources and so much more. We’re also going to do one full week of electrical engineering fundamentals so you can what real engineers need to know in order to do their work!

February 2023 - Civil & General Engineering

We’re going to discover what it’s really like to be an engineer by building bridges, buildings, and skyscrapers and also by working our way through several engineering challenges which includes design, construction, and troubleshooting. 

  • 2/07: Week 19 Tension, Compression, Levitating Structures (Download Worksheet #19)
  • 2/14: Week 20 Materials, Structures, Buildings (Download Worksheet #20)
  • 2/21: Week 21 Special Class! National Engineering/Science Week (Worksheet #21 coming soon)
  • 2/28: Week 22 Science Fair Projects! (Worksheet #22 coming soon)

March 2023 - Astronomy & Astrophysics Part 1

Take an intergalactic star tour of the universe as you discover new moons, comets and asteroids; explore the outer solar system, and learn about the unusual uniqueness of planets! Also included are live star gazing sessions to help you learn how to navigate the night skies easily!

Spring Break 2023 Science Camp!

Five full days of Science: 3/27-3/31! Join Aurora for five days of hands-on science activities, projects, and experiments in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and Earth science.  You'll spend time each day with Aurora discovering and exploring fascinating concepts in science for the day, and then be off doing your experiments and working on your labs! All classes are recorded and posted.

April 2023 - Astronomy & Astrophysics Part 2

We will continue our journey in astronomy by discovering  supermassive black holes, spinning neutron stars, active quasars, supernovae, and more! Listen to pulsars, explore time travel, make plasma in your kitchen and solar eclipses in a the closet. 

May 2023 - Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering

Soar, zoom, fly, twirl and gyrate as you investigate the wonderful world of flight, creating flying contraptions, blasting rockets, and learning about air pressure, flight dynamics, wing design, air breathing engines, rocket thrusters, and take a real lesson in an airplane with a flight instructor!

Bonus LIVE Classes with Experts All Year Long!

This year, we have several dedicated instructors who are sharing their specialized knowledge and experienced through a special set of  live classes. Click on the images below to view their content and enjoy the learning adventure! All classes are open to all ages and included with your enrollment.

Live Class Recording Archives

Looking for a previous year of Live Classes with Aurora? Click the button below for the year you'd like to access.  Both years are very similar in content, the main difference is the number of science lessons per week. For 2020-21, Aurora recorded science lessons three times per week, for 2021-22 Aurora is on twice per week. This works well if you'd like to just do the recordings (not the current live classes as scheduled above), so you can work through at your own pace.  This year's content is new for Feb - May 2023.