Here is a list of the main scientific concepts students learn in seventh grade! These science concepts are organized into categories. To start, just click on any link. You can do these in any order at any pace that's right for you.

DNA molecules Life Science Cells make up all living things. In order to understand how living things like animals, plants, and bacteria live and grow, you must understand cells. We'll also look at DNA, genetics, mitosis, microscopes, muscles, skeletons, earwax, cardiovascular systems, lung capacity, tendons, nostrils, and more.
SONY DSC Energy All the different forms of energy (like heat, electrical, nuclear, sound, etc.) can be broken down into just two categories: potential and kinetic energy. You'll construct a working steam boat, design and build an external combustion engine from soda cans, make a fire water balloon, use a gum wrapper as a bi-metallic thermostat, launch projectiles, race coasters, calculate the energy inside of a peanut, and more.
Physics of Light & Lasers Discover refraction, reflection, beam scattering, optical density, transmission, and absorption as you investigate the electromagnetic spectrum using lenses, mirrors and filters to build an electric eye, optical cameras, reflector telescopes, compound microscopes, laser shows and so much more!