Here is a list of the main scientific concepts students learn in sixth grade! These science concepts are organized into categories. To start, just click on any link. You can do these in any order at any pace that's right for you.

Earth Science In this section, students discover ideas in meteorology as students investigate the science of the Earth’s atmosphere, and how it is driven by the sun and influenced by the oceans. Students learn about convention currents, tornadoes, air pressure, and how sunlight, water, and wind can be used as sources of energy.
SONY DSC Energy Energy is the mover and shaker of the universe. Heat from the sun, sounds from your radio, riding a bike and watching a movie are all expressions of different forms of energy. We’re going to focus on simple machines (pulleys, levers, and pendulums) that make use of mechanical advantage as well as studying several methods of finding, converting, storing and using alternative energy.
Hospital Germs Life Science Beginning with plant science and ending with DNA study, students will discover the science behind the barely visible parts of life and the environment, such as plant structure, plant processes, tiny insects, cell division, and genetics.  They will also learn proper use and care of sophisticated equipment such as the compound microscope to further observe and record data in the living world around us.