Welcome to the Summer e-Camp Labs!

OPEN June 1 - August 31, 2024!

Supercharged Science e-Camp covers not only super-fun hands-on science activities but also solid academic content. All the academic principles are followed up by lots of activities and experiments so kids can really understand the ideas so that when they've finished, they can pretty much explain the universe around them, including why airplanes fly, how electricity works, and why socks disappear in the dryer. Most kids (and parents) are surprised by how much learning they pick up!

Science is like that - it's not a laundry list to get done, but an experience of adventure, curiosity, and asking questions. It's my job to make sure your kids have got their science totally covered by focusing on long-term understanding, not how quickly kids can memorize science principles from a book. Your kids are about to build real rockets, robots, laser light shows and sooo much more... and most kids never know that they are learning the academic stuff. That's the magic of how I teach science. Let's get started!

Getting Started with e-Camp! Get the most out of your summer with us by watching this welcome video to the e-Camp program.

Complete Shopping Lists for e-Camp. There are over 150 different projects, activities, and experiments in e-Camp, so I recommend browsing through the experiments first and making a note of the items you need.