Here is a list of the main scientific concepts students learn in second grade! These science concepts are organized into categories. To start, just click on any link. You can do these in any order at any pace that's right for you.

Chemistry Discover how to create different states of matter, grow crystal farms, experiment with phase shifts, cross-link polymers, shake up rainbow solutions, and stew up a chemical matrix of heat and ice reactions.
Life Science Discover the science behind the barely visible parts of life and the environment, such as plant structure, plant processes, tiny insects, and genetics. You'll get to design and build several habitats to observe the germination, growth, and development of plants and experiment how they are affected by light, gravity, and touch.
Earth Science An introductory course that teaches the big ideas behind rocks, minerals, and the science of the Earth’s crust.  You'll learn how real scientists identify and compare different types of rocks, and minerals, and soils as you investigate rock formations and learn about the ways we use them as resources in our everyday lives!