Science for the left and right brain

Science is about so much more than a textbook or a kit from the shelf, so Supercharged Science is too! I approach each science concept from all angles, offering visual lessons, hands-on experiments, and engaging activities that are both fun and educational. Your kids won't even realize that they are learning, and you'll be surprised how much they've learned by what they teach you at the end of each lesson. With an abundance of science projects for every learning style, students build a strong foundation in science that will serve them long-term.

Science experiments that keeps you in the zone

When you're truly “in the zone,” you can pick up new skills quickly and easily. With that in mind, I designed the e-Science program as the ultimate focused learning environment that zeros in on the most important scientific principles students must master by the time they hit college. You won't find any watered-down activities, cartoon gimmicks or distractions here. Supercharged Science is the place for students serious about learning real science.

Never miss a science moment

Thanks to the step-by-step video instructions, detailed lesson plans, additional reading, quizzes and exercises, and e-mail updates, you will never miss a second of your students' exciting science learning journey. I give you all the information that really matters when learning science, and when you evaluate their progress using our tools, you will know exactly which where the gaps are so you can focus there. Using their science journal, you'll also see their progress over time, how much knowledge they truly understood and retained.

Science learning that sticks with you

The e-Science learning program is a rich environment built by scientists and engineers that are passionate about science and have an insatiable curiosity about the world around them. When you immerse students in this kind of learning atmosphere, you'll be astounded as they grow and flourish as they build their ideas, learn from mistakes, and move through new challenges at their own pace. There's no feeling that can match mastering a skill because it comes with the satisfaction of knowing you really do "get it". The e-Science program provides both the hands-on experiments and the academic background they need, and it's self-guided so you don’t need to be hassled with the preparation.

Science at its most mesmerizing

Teaching science in a way that students will really understand and remember is a three-step process. First, you have to get the students genuinely interested and excited about a topic. Next, you need to give them hands-on activities and experiments to make the topic meaningful. And last, you teach the supporting academics and theory. Most science books and curriculum just focus on the third step and may throw in some experiments as an afterthought. This just isn’t how kids learn. Students gain new skills with the e-Science program, but they also gain a whole new appreciation for how fun science can be and how it interacts with other subjects like math. From the instructional videos that demonstrate exactly how to build the hands-on projects to the unlimited support to handle your students' most curious questions, students simply can't wait to jump onto the e-Science program to supercharge their education. Your classroom and home will never be the same, and you'll have trouble tearing them away. Learn more about homeschool family memberships. Learn more about educator classroom and school memberships.