Here is a list of the main scientific concepts students learn in first grade! These science concepts are organized into categories. To start, just click on any link. You can do these in any order at any pace that's right for you.

Physics of Sound Sound is a fascinating form of energy. As you sit there reading this, there is energy flowing all around you in the form of light waves, sound waves, radio waves, heat and more. You are constantly being bombarded by energy. We're going to learn how to change the amplitude, pitch and volume to easily amaze your friends.
Life Science This course teaches the big ideas behind Life Science. Beginning with plant science, you'll discover the science behind the barely visible parts of life and the environment, such as plant structure, plant processes, tiny insects, and more. Construct and use apparatuses such as a water cycle column, a terraqua column and a carnivorous greenhouse to investigate and identify components of different ecosystems.

Physics of Light Dip into the fascinating field of light by learning about illumination, brightness, refraction, reflection, beam scattering, optical density, and more as you use lenses, mirrors and filters to build cameras, telescopes, microscopes, a scientific optical bench and more.

Earth Science A fun set of experiments and activities designed to get you into the field of astronomy. You'll learn about the phases of the moon, transits, and more as you study the sun, moon, and star's path across the sky. You'll also make sundials, pinhole projectors, and discover how it's possible for the sun to never rise during a season.