Lots of science toy companies will sell you this experiment, but why not make your own? You’ll need to find a loooooong bag, which is why we recommend a diaper genie. A diaper genie is a 25′ long plastic bag, only both ends are open so it’s more like a tube. You can get three 8-foot bags out of one pack.

Kids have a tendency to shove the bag right up to their face and blow, cutting off the air flow from the surrounding air into the bag. When they figure out this experiment and perform it correctly, this is one of those oooh-ahhh experiments that will leave your kids with eyes as big as dinner plates.

Here’s what you do:

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5 Responses to “Diaper Wind Bag”

  1. I don’t think I understand your question… what do you mean use another page besides the diaper page?

  2. Lola Hunjul says:

    Is there any other pages we can use rather than the Diaper page?

  3. MaryAnna Cashmore says:

    We don’t have a diaper genie but the kids wanted to do this experiment anyway, so I just took several light-weight plastic produce bags (from the grocery store) – in a perfect world these should be identical – and cut the bottoms open on all but one, then layered them to make a long tube and taped them together with clear tape, with each bag’s front opening outside of the end of the bag in front of it. (This way no overlapping plastic blocked the airflow). Also had to use clear tape to seal up the tiny holes in some of the bags.

    Worked great! Thanks, Aurora, for yet another exciting experiment.

  4. Kim Bauer says:

    Great stuff and my kids love it. I created a science experiment box using one of those plastic drawers and put all the stuff they need for Flight and kites. That way, if I am tied up, I can turn them loose on something. But I try to do it with them because I am learning too. I finally understand how and why Bernoulli’s principle works.

    The Diaper Genie trick is going to be shared with their friends at our “school is out” party. Instead of bags filled with candy, each guest is going to get a diaper genie refill.
    Does that tell you how much they are enjoying it?



  5. Rani John says:

    I saw this one in the starting video!