If your kids are hog-wild about flying and can’t seem to get enough of paper airplanes, flying kites, and rockets, here’s something you can do that will last their entire lifetime.

One of the best ways to introduce kids into the world of aeronautics and aviation is to get them inside a small airplane. By having the kids actually FLY, they get a chance to interact with a real pilot, see how the airplane responds to the controls, and get a taste for what their future can really be like if they keep up their studies in aerodynamics.

We’re going to learn how to fly an airplane from a certified flight instructor.  He’s going to walk you through every step, from pre-flight to take-off to landing.  You’ll hear the radio transmissions from other aircraft flying in the area, how the control tower directs traffic, and more.  We’ve used a special microphone inside the cockpit to cut down on the engine noise (which actually was rigged up to only record when it heard voice sounds), so the sound might seem different than you expected.

Are you ready?

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6 Responses to “First Flying Lesson in an Airplane”

  1. Penny Neufeld says:

    it was very interesting iv always wanted to be a pilot thanks Tristan.

  2. So glad you enjoyed it! We were thinking of actually shooting more of these type of videos about airplanes. So, if you have any ideas about what you’d like to see, let us know right here in the comment section!

  3. Sharon Dogan says:

    I have 2 that also want flying lessons now but at £75 for 30 minutes I’m certain that it’s not going to happen lol, but thanks for the lessons and video above they were a really great watch!

  4. Wow – cool! I’ll check it out.

  5. Kim Swiczkowski says:

    There is a sequeal to that production, called: One Six Left. Here is the write up on it….

    You’ve soared watching the aviation documentary One Six Right. Now, enhance the experience with this collection of bonus material, which includes the trailer “Into the Clouds” with music by Enya. Other special features include “The Making of One Six Right,” a movie montage and the aerobatic sequence “The Joyride III.” “Pitts Pattern” takes you on a flight around Van Nuys Airport, and “Piano Solo” goes inside the studio with composer Nathan Wang.

  6. Rani John says:

    That was a really nice video! My child is asking me about flight lessons now. Ha ha ha!