This particular trick kept me tied up for hours as a kid. I was so determined to figure this out that I eventually had a rope-impression rubbed into my skin when I finally did slide out. I’ll bet it doesn’t take you nearly as long, and you can substitute bracelets for the rope to make it more comfortable as you work. You need two kids for this trick to work. And a camera to capture the moment.

Materials: 6 feet of rope, two kids, and 4 bracelets (optional)

Here’s what you do:
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2 Responses to “Magic Trick: Tied Up in Knots”

  1. Jennifer Sequeira says:

    OK we got it! Great trick to play show our friends now! Thanks again.

  2. Jennifer Sequeira says:

    We’ve worked on this for awhile, different pairs of kids, and still haven’t figured out the secret! This will definitely keep them occupied for a few more hours! Thanks for this fun trick!