Ever wonder how magicians work their magic? This experiment is worthy of the stage with a little bit of practice on your end.

Here’s how this activity is laid out: First, watch the video below. Next, try it on your own. Make sure to send us your photos of your inventions here!

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39 Responses to “TaaDaaaaa!!!”

  1. khalilelias1972 says:

    Thanks, for the idea it worked!!!

  2. emilyannejon says:

    SO FUN! I really didn’t think it would work, but TAA DAA! 😉 (IT DID!)

  3. A tomato sounds fun … and messy! Maybe try it outside first?

  4. violet639 says:

    Could you use a tomato

  5. violet639 says:

    Cool experiment

  6. So when I tried the experiment with a ball (I actually used a round is round is egg) ( that looked like a soccer ball ⚽️ ) I also used a plastic cup and a pie pan and a toilet paper roll work every time I tried it! So I was ready for the egg, we live on a farm and have chickens and ducks ( and other animals ( ) lol ) I used a duck egg ( bc they have harder shells in case I missed) it was bigger then the roll smaller than the cup. I added water and hit the pan sending the roll & pan flying the egg landed inside the cup and splattered water lol So fun!!!!!!

    Thanks again lol, Faith

  7. I got it every time and I am going to try a egg now!

    Thanks, Faith

  8. Tammie Earnest says:

    that’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  9. Ingrid Cordano says:

    I love it!

  10. The first law is about inertia: “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” So before you set the experiment in motion, you’re observing things at rest – that’s the 1st law. When things are in motion, that’s also the 1st law, only it’s a little harder to observe because there are other forces acting to slow down and stop the motion.

    The second law is about the forces are not balanced and things are moving: force is proportional to acceleration. The more you hit the pan, the faster (and further) it flies.

    Newton’s third law is about forces coming in pairs. When you stand up, your weight pushes on the ground, and the ground pushes back with the same amount of force (otherwise you’d be moving if it wasn’t balanced; equal and opposite). Before the experiment starts, the cup is pushing down with it’s weight on the table, and the table is pushing back on the cup.

    Does that help?

  11. Prity Parikh says:

    We need help to ans the second ques: The first Law is observed with the plate on the cup staying put unless we hit it with our hand.
    The second Law (?) maybe The force(gravity) acting on the ball as it falls? Or the force on the plate which sends it flying? –
    The third law – (above) cup on the table

  12. You’re right – that part doesn’t. However the cup sitting on the table does (before you hit it). The weight of the cup is in the downward direction, and the table is pushing up with the same amount of force as the weight in the opposite direction. Does that help?

  13. Laura Uecker says:

    We are working on the exercise questions for this experiment. My son asked how “Ta Da” demonstrates Newton’s 3rd law (Question #2 on exercise), and I am having a hard time myself understanding how hitting the book in one direction, while the ball falls down, shows EQUAL AND OPPOSITE. I see how there are two forces involved, but I don’t see how there are equal AND opposite forces. Help?

  14. Priscila Gonzalez says:

    i love this experiment its really cool!

    -jose G.-

  15. Priscila Gonzalez says:

    I love the expirement! I used a plastic cup, a tennis ball, and a mini frisbee (and a tiny toilet tube) and it worked! 🙂

  16. Lenita Jacobs says:

    How do I go to the next experiment?

  17. Lenita Jacobs says:

    Though I tugged on the page instead of pushing it!

  18. Lenita Jacobs says:

    I never thought it would work, so when I saw the video I laughed at it(but I still tried the experiment). I used a porcelain glass, an A4 book and a Ping pong ball, it didn’t work(I tried again). I used a porcelain glass an A6 (or something like that) book and a Ping pong ball, it still didn’t work. I used a porcelain glass an A6 (or something like that) page. Bull’s eye first time!

  19. Kelly Tesiero says:

    so think small and have fun

  20. Opposite of Ta-daa? What is it exactly that you are looking to do (or say)?

  21. Dan Archer says:

    what is the opposet of ta-daaaa. what ever that is I need to say

  22. Patricia Gulati says:

    My sister and I loved this experiment!!!! WE used a real egg and it worked!!!! AWESOME!!
    Race and Natasha

  23. kelly christian says:

    I did it with a plastic cup and a fugigi ball!!!! It made alot of noise but it worked!!!!! AWSOME

  24. LeeAnn Smith says:

    We did it with a plastic cup at first and it wasn’t working. Then we used a glass, and it worked. TAA-DAAAAA!!!!

  25. Ginny Cramblit says:

    I did the experiment twice with my dad holding onto the cup and it worked both times!
    Great experiment!
    Randy Cramblit.

  26. Christophe Landa says:

    Everybody will know how it happened. right?

  27. Michelle Garcia says:

    Mia G. age 8

  28. Michelle Garcia says:

    if you use a plastic cup have your mom hold the cup becuz the cup is not heavy enough! anyway this is awsome and TAAAAADAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Michelle Garcia says:

    its really cool but now my mom wants to use a tomato

  30. Michelle Garcia says:

    just wondering dos it have to be a ball cuz i cant find any balls in my house and my mom wont let me use an egg. Mia G. age 8

  31. Amy Quimpo says:

    nice almost like the classic scene in ratetooi(sorry if i spelled it wrong) where the head chef jumps at the rat to the boat and grabs the table cloth and pulls it but nothing else down.

  32. Emily Crawford says:

    Did this experiment about 10 times! I did it a bunch of times with a plastic Easter egg, once with a little measuring cup (just to make sure) and once with a real egg. (It worked every time!) Then I showed my family with the real egg (that worked too), and taught my little sister how to do it with the plastic one. This was so cool! I didn’t expect it to work, but it was great!

    -Mary C., age 12

  33. Hannah Strickland says:

    This is a fun experiment. Just a note for future magicians who aren’t allowed to use eggs – we used a ball that lights up upon contact and it made for a nice presentation!

  34. Oops – sorry about that – that was an older video we incorporated elsewhere. Thanks for your eagle eye!

  35. Sophia Pitcher says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is SOOOOO COOL!!!! The ball landed in the cup almost every time I tried it! But when the pie tin got bent it the experiment stopped working. It was so much FUN!!!!!!!!! ~ Isabel Pitcher

  36. Caroline Wood says:

    “Last, watch the video at the very bottom.” What video is that?

  37. Caroline Wood says:

    This is such a fun experiment.

  38. Amra Amra says:

    My mom and I had trouble with this at first. We had tried different book size’s and different cups, but nothing seemed to work! But finally i noticed that the cup kept falling over! So I thought”The cup must be tipping over because it’s too light!” And I got a wider cup filled with car keys. I tried using a skinny hardcover picture book, a toilet paper roll(only the inside) and a golf ball. And it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the best experiment”s ever! Thank you for everything!

  39. sevy keble says:

    I LOVE THIS EXPERIMENT! Five out of five! (stars)