If you’ve never made a paperclips jump together and link up by themselves, turned water into ink, or made metal rings pass through solid rope, you’re missing out. Big time.  We’re going to show you our set of incredible magic-show-style tricks that will make you truly amazing.

But, there is something you should know about magic…

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4 Responses to “Introduction to Magic Tricks”

  1. That’s true… this is the introduction to this section, and there’s no experiment associated with this post. However if you look right below and the following experiments, there are videos for you!

  2. Lola Hunjul says:

    There is no video attached to this experiment. Thank you

  3. Whoops! Sorry about that – it looks like it didn’t get fully transferred. Try it now – I’ve just uploaded it again.

  4. Wendy Graham says:

    Dollar bill video is incomplete