telephoneThis is the experiment that all kids know about… if you haven’t done this one already, put it on your list of fun things to do. (See the tips & tricks at the bottom for further ideas!)

We’re going to break this into two steps – the first part of the experiment will show us why we need the cups and can’t just hook a string up to our ear.  Are you ready?

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6 Responses to “Good Old Telephone”

  1. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

  2. John Poulnott says:

    can you use twine?

  3. Melissa Houston says:

    I did this as a kid and had so much fun!!! WE added a third string and cup. That worked well, too!!!! Know we all get in on the fun!!!!

  4. Maricelli Pena says:

    it was super fun i did it with my mom my sister was doing it as well and i loved and my mom was scratching the table soooooo much fun

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  6. Anita Mullins says:


    I have tried Internet Explorer 8, Chrome, and Firefox without success to start this video. A number of other videos (not all) are not starting either.