chladniThis experiment is just for advanced students. Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni (1756-1827) is considered to be the ‘father of acoustics’. He was fascinated by vibrating things like plates and gases, and his experiments resulted in two new musical instruments to be developed.

When Chladni first did these vibrating plate experiments (as shown in the video below), he used glass plates instead of metal. He was also one of the first to figure out how to calculate the speed of sound through a gas.

And it will completely blow your mind. Chladni patterns are formed with a metal plate covered in regular table salt is vibrated through different frequencies.

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6 Responses to “Chladni Plates”

  1. Lauren Stevick says:

    can you tell me why I do not have access to this content?

  2. Kristi Kerr says:

    Will this work just as well with a violin bow? We have an extra one of those.

  3. Lydia Fancher says:

    music is an art… that makes art?

    -Cameron Fancher

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  5. Anita Mullins says:


    This video does not start up. I have tried IE8, Chrome, and Firefox. The YouTube videos work just fine.