When there’s lightning, thunder is not far behind.  Even if you don’t live in a tropical thunderstorm area, you can still simulate this experiment using the variations below and get the most out of the main ideas about sound waves and light waves.

For starters, let’s assume you’re waiting for a good storm. When one’s brewing, grab a timer and a pencil with paper and wait inside the house near a window.

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5 Responses to “Thunder and Lightning”

  1. No. However Benjamin Franklin invented the “Lightning Rod”, which is a tall wire antenna which DOES attract lightning strikes.

  2. Paul Evalle says:

    Is true that mirrors attract lightning strikes?

  3. Daniel Ohanessian says:

    Would you please delete the video that doesn’t exist. But nice experiment, by the way!

  4. Debra Thomson says:

    Those are some pretty amazing lightning strikes!

  5. sevy keble says:

    What interesting videos and expirements!