Where’s the pressure difference in this trick?

At the opening of the glass. The water inside the glass weighs a pound at best, and, depending on the size of the opening of the glass, the air pressure is exerting 15-30 pounds upward on the bottom of the card. Guess who wins? Tip, when you get good at this experiment, try doing it over a friend’s head!

Materials: a glass, and an index card large enough to completely cover the mouth of the glass.

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Fill a glass one-third with water. Cover the mouth with an index card and over a sink invert the glass while holding the card in place. Remove your hand from the card. Voila! Because atmospheric air pressure is pushing on all sides of both the glass and the card, the card defies gravity and “sticks” to the bottom of the glass. Recall that higher pressure pushes and when you have a difference in pressure, things move. This same pressure difference causes storms, winds, and the index card to stay in place.


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