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45 Responses to “Hovercraft Project”

  1. It is okay to use two motors that are the same size. As long as you have propellers that will fit on the shaft.

  2. tiffanyscott says:

    I can only find one size motor that is the same size as the one we already have – about 1 inch. any idea where I can get a smaller or larger one?

  3. The kit is part of our Science Mastery program, but a separate kit isn’t available. The project guide on this page provides tips on obtaining supplies.

  4. tiffanyscott says:

    Where can I find the supply kit for this project? Thank you.

  5. If you go to the unit shopping list, you’ll find the hard to find items have a link where you can order them online.

  6. Linda Griffith says:

    where do you get 9volt battery clips

  7. You can rip one off an old toy, or get one from one of those balsa wood airplanes you can find cheaply at a toy store. You can also go to a hobby shop and pick one of their airplane propellers that fits onto your motor shaft.

  8. Faith Case says:

    We need help finding the propellers. Can you please direct us to best current source! Thank you! We are building for a CAVA Science Fair

  9. Hester Bell says:

    We are looking for the propellers for the Hovercraft project. Can you tell us where we can find them? Thanks so much.

  10. I am sending you a private email about how to get your propellers for free. 🙂

  11. Yelena Nicolazzo says:

    Can’t find propellers. The larger ones we tried from toys require too much power and don’t perform correctly when cut down. Manufacturing ones from popsicle sticks, metal foil, etc. hasn’t yet worked. Please send a link where we can get propellers.

  12. Yelena Decious says:

    Thank you for your response, I am still anxiously awaiting to receive your email with the info.

  13. Thanks for writing. We actually don’t carry this kit anymore, however I am going to send you a private email about how you can get the propellers.

  14. Yelena Decious says:

    Hello, my son wants to build the hovercraft for a science fair, and I can not find any 3″ propellers. (he wants to try different propellers to see it the thrust improves). Can you direct me exactly to the place where I can get them (online? or in the stores?). I clicked a link that you gave to a different student to purchase a kit from you, and got a “product not available” message there. I would really like to just get a kit from you if that is possible. Thank you.

  15. Of course! We’ve had lots of kids build this, and many more enter and win a science fair with it. 🙂

  16. Domanicka Dailey says:

    is it going to work

  17. Ready, Set, Lift Off!!!

    Katie won first place in her middle school for the hovercraft!!!!
    Thank you!

    Ready, Set, Lift Off!!!

  18. Amazing how that’s all it needs to float on! The cushion of air is very small because the motors are not very powerful… if you put a leaf blower in there instead of a small DC motors, then yes, it will blast upwards, but it won’t be very stable without proper ballasting. Does that help?

  19. jenna6234 says:

    I did notice that but it leaves only a tiny crack why?

  20. Yes, it should. But it’s not going to levitate six inches off the ground… you should see a tiny space between the table and the bottom edge of the craft. If you touch it, it should move away from you, like a puck sliding on ice.

  21. jenna6234 says:

    Aurora should it hover?

  22. At the end of the newer video on the e-Science site, there’s instructions for how to make this hovercraft work on water (which is what the foam is for).

  23. Christine Loughnane says:

    Great project! In our hovercraft pack there was a grey 4 foot long foam tube. I saw no reference to it in the video, what is it for? Thanks,

  24. Sandra Aldrich says:

    wow this is a long video

  25. jenna6234 says:

    well i like the main hovercraft my cousin made one

  26. Some kids rip these off old toys or toy fans, and others make some out of popsicle sticks. I’ve sent you a secret email that tell you my favorite way of getting propellers!

  27. Hi, its Anna, where can I get the type of propellars you used to make the hovercraft? My dad looked all over town & no luck. Can you help?

  28. We’re actually going to be discontinuing these so if you want to order one, best do it right away. We only have a couple left on the shelf.

  29. Karri Woods says:

    You can order it on this page.

  30. where can i get this stuff to make the hovercraft

  31. Elisabeth Vonderahe says:

    I love it ! I want to build one to.

  32. sharon Parry says:

    Thank you for the propellers. Wow they got here fast. Hyrum got the hover craft out right away and is putting them on. What a fun project. I think we will make the modification for water when we are done playing with in on the floor. Thanks!

  33. No – the 9V will give the hovercraft more voltage (9v instead of 3V), which is what you need for this project. The 9V has a greater voltage-to-weight ratio than the AA’s. To get 9V from AA’s you’d need six of them, which weigh a lot more than on 9V. And sine you’re building a hovering vehicle, it must be as lightweight as possible. If you really can’t find a 9V, then use six AA’s but don’t attach them to the hovercraft – hold them in your hand and run longer wires to your vehicle so it’s tethered to the battery pack. Does that make sense?

  34. Kim Spadgenske says:

    Can I use two AA’s instead of a 9V? Will it give the Hovercraft more power?

  35. Eric Stevens says:

    do you need to have a round and a flat motor

  36. I’d recommend getting a few motors and see which works best. Stick to something in the 1.5-3VDC range on the lower end of the price scale. You don’t need any special gear box on the end of the shaft (if that’s one of your options).

  37. Carrie Stuart says:

    Hello, in shopping for the 3VDC hobby motor, we actually found several sizes in a wide price range. Could you give us some more specifics on this motor? Thanks.

  38. Hmmm – did my team edit that part out? Sorry about that – I can post it working in a separate video if you like. Thanks for the feedback.

  39. La Shon Sturdivant says:

    We were disappointed in not seeing your hovercraft in operation.

  40. Yes we have a discount for e-science members. You can order the parts here. Usually takes 2-7 days to get to you in the USA and has everything you need except the 9V battery.

  41. Michele Laccabue says:

    Did I see somewhere that you sell the supply kit for the hovercraft project? If so, do you know how much it costs and how long it would take to receive?
    Thank you.

  42. Sure – you can type “hovercraft” into the search box above. You’ll find it in Unit 1: Friction. The Advanced Projects are specifically for doing a long, formal report, which is why there’s so much video and download-able content that go with each one. However, most of the projects are also on the e-Science site as a separate project – simply search for the term and it’ll pop right up.

  43. Michelle Guillette says:

    We need to rewatch the video. I cna’t find any written directions for this hovercraft project, But it uses all of our download allowance, is there a shorter version w/out the sci fair talk. We are not doing a science fair project, so we really don’t want to hear all that again.