gauss-rifleThis article has all the information you need to complete a Linear Accelerator (Gauss Rifle) Science Fair Project, including instructional step-by-step video, documentation, required forms, experimentation tips and tricks, and how to squeeze your great idea into the scientific method. Using the principles of momentum and magnetics, you'll build a record-fast accelerator you can fire across the room from the palm of your hand.

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5 Responses to “Linear Accelerator Project”

  1. andrea alfred says:

    We solved the problem. We used tape to hold the magnets because we did not have any elastics, and the sides of the magnets were covered in tape. When we cut the tape so the sides of the magnets were not covered it worked! I am surprised the tape was enough to stop it from working, do you have any idea why?

  2. It’s hard to know without seeing your actual experiment, but here’s my best guess… if nothing happens, I would recheck the magnets before you fire it. It sounds like one or more wasn’t in the right spot. Feel free to send me a quick video or photos to

  3. andrea alfred says:


    We built the linear accelerator, we are quite certain all the magnets were lined up correctly, but nothing happens. Do you have any suggestions what we should check?