We're going to learn how to use the energy stored in fruit and veggies to run a clock, light, and other cool stuff.  Are you ready?

This webpage has all the information you need to complete a Science Fair Project, including instructional step-by-step video, documentation, required forms, experimentation tips and tricks, and how to squeeze your great idea into the scientific method.

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9 Responses to “Fruit Batteries Project”

  1. This is an experiment, because you’ll be discovering the voltage provided by different kinds of produce. But I recommend discussing your plans with your teacher to make sure this project qualifies.

  2. Is this project an experiment or a demonstration? My teacher says I need to have an experiment project.

  3. Melissa Beck says:

    This is perfect! Our homeschool science fair is coming up and my kids are going to love this project! My older daughter built what she calls a “flyhicle” out of a laundry basket, using a bunch of cords from the cord drawer (basically a home for extra cords and wires that we don’t have an immediate use for) in my desk. She wove all those cords and wires together and stuck them in pieces of fruits and veggies,and made construction paper pouches with tape to hold them to the side of the basket. She said that it was the first fruit and veggie powered “green flying machine.”She was frustrated, though, that it didn’t actually work. SO, making an actual battery that WORKS out of fruits and veggies will thrill her. Now if we can just figure out how to get the laundry basket to fly …..

  4. Domanicka Dailey says:

    Sounds like that might be fun.

  5. jenna6234 says:

    sounds cool is it fun?

  6. kelly forsyth says:

    what if you could not find a multimeter with 20DC V is it ok to use 25DC V?