By using lenses and mirrors, you can bounce, shift, reflect, shatter, and split a laser beam. Since the laser beam is so narrow and focused, you’ll be able to see several reflections before it fades away from scatter. Make sure you complete the Laser Basics experiment first before working with this experiment.

You’ll need to make your beam visible for this experiment to really work.  There are several different ways you can do this:

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7 Responses to “Laser Maze”

  1. tabiantoun says:

    can you just tape thousands of small mirrors to a strip of paper and fold it into a hall of mirrors

  2. Carolyn Halvorsen says:

    this is so much fun to do!!! thanks aurora

  3. Karri Woods says:

    can you use blue lasers?

  4. Lorelei Grecian says:

    I didn’t do the maze, but I randomly pointed the lazer in the mirror, and the light reflected in my mouth!!!! Ha Ha HA………….. 😛

  5. Stephen Chisholm says:

    This is like that game, gah, what was it called? Oh yeah, The Laser Game. I’m not kidding, thats what its called! Theres a Silver side and a Gold side (or silver and red for the newer version), and each side has an LED laser pointer. The 3 types of pieces (single mirror, double mirror, and Pharoah (the goal piece)) had to be manipulated to hit the other team’s Pharoah or pyramids (single mirrors), removing them from the game, and if the Pharoah is hit, then game over. Theres an expansion thats just basically a tower that goes in the middle and allows for more stratagy.

    All in all, its really fun! Stradegy and science come together in a way thats fun!