This is a beefier-version of the Electric Eye that will be be able to turn on a buzzer instead of a LED by increasing the voltage in the circuit. This type of circuit is a light-actuated circuit. When a beam of light hits the sensor (the “eye”), a buzzer sounds. Use this to indicate when a door closes or drawer closes… your suspect will never know what got triggered.
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12 Responses to “Laser Burglar Alarm”

  1. Yes you can use the 3V hobby motors in water without a problem, just blow them out and shake dry between use. I am assuming you’re talking about using them in robots in the water, not the burglar alarm here?

    If you’re using heavy-duty motors like for the ROV, please follow all directions for water-proofing, esp if using in a pool or salt water.

  2. amielynn38 says:

    Thank you! My son wants to know if they are water proof or if not how to make the 3V motors water proof?

  3. Yes, absolutely! You can try using what you already have. Snap circuits are the same electrical components, but encased in plastic. THe parts should still work if you can get a good electrical connection to them.

  4. amielynn38 says:

    Can you connect older snap circuit pieces using these alligator clips? We have a ton of snap circuit kits. Some pieces are broken but lots still work.

  5. Patricia De Lazzari says:

    How can I make it that when the laser is passed through it turns on the alarm?

  6. What happens if you try another web browser? (In the meantime I’ll have my team look into this)…

  7. Joanne Findley says:

    I’m using google chrome, and I accidentally asked the same question twice

  8. I just tried it and it seems to be working here. What web browser are you using? And about your first question… what do you mean by “student page”? All the content is all on one page. Let me know what you’re trying to access so I can help.

  9. Joanne Findley says:

    It looks like the link to download the student worksheet & exercises is not working.

  10. I’ve put in two different sources for finding these components. They are also listed in the shopping list area.

  11. Gina burgio says:

    Where do I get the 3-6Volt buzzer listed in the Laser burglar alarm.
    And can it be any red laser or a specific kind?
    Also, the alligator clip leads

    Please let me know where to buy these two things.