Sad news, I know… but Radio Shack parts are no longer easily available. I’ve replaced all of the Radio Shack parts (along with a few others that were also obsolete) with new part numbers and places to purchase them at the best deal. I’ve also updated the direct order links in the website on the main shopping list pages, so if you see one that doesn’t work, let me know so I can fix it right away. You’ll need one of the two lists below if you’re printing out the shopping lists, as those still have the original Radio Shack part numbers.

If you are able to, view the Excel file here (with live order links).

If you can only do PDF, the file you need is here.

You’ll find most items at, with a few exceptions. Hope this helps!!

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6 Responses to “Radio Shack Component Replacements”

  1. Yes, materials for these units are included with the Science Mastery Gold and Diamond kits. We no longer have them available for sale individually. Let me know if you have trouble locating a certain part so I can help!

  2. Camy Merrell says:

    Aurora, Is it possible to order the parts for units 10 and 14 from you?
    Thank you

  3. Unfortunately that is permanently out of stock. We bought out the last of their supply when we heard it was going to be discontinued so we could still include it in our Science Mastery programs. It’s possible to still complete the activities, however you will need to gather individual components for the circuits. I did see a few on eBay and for sale that you might want to check out.

  4. Tammy Kidd says:

    Thank you. What about the Electronic Learning Lab by Radio Shack?

  5. Yes look on the download PDF or XLS file. The first one is the 9-18V hobby motor, and the second is a bi-polar red/green LED.

  6. Tammy Kidd says:

    Hi Aurora

    Do you have replacement part numbers for RS 273-256 and 276-012?