These rockets use air pressure to launch your lightweight rocket skyward. Using simple materials, you’ll be able to make your launcher in minutes and as many rockets as you want. The first time I flew these, they got stuck on the roof, so be prepared with a few extras just in case.

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12 Responses to “Stomp Rockets”

  1. Linda Miller says:

    The whole family (even the 24-year-old working woman) had so much fun with this today. Thanks!

  2. Dinah Chin says:

    Oh yeah, I was working with Christine and when we first launched our rocket, the nose cone shot off, the rest of the rocket still on the launcher! But thanks for the advice!

  3. Yes I can understand that. It’s just a circle that you can cut. When you make it into a cone, you can size it so that it’s the right base diameter to fit to your rocket tube diameter, and trim off the uneven part so it sits flush with the rocket. Or you can make it a bit oversized and glue it to the rocket with a little hanging over, like the roof on a house.

  4. christine reynolds says:

    The nose cone is very challenging to get the right size and then attach to the rocket. A downloadable template, or covering it more in the video, would help.

  5. Lillian Jackson says:

    Thanks! and I meant I need to find one.

  6. “faint” a bike tube? Sounds interesting… 🙂

    We get ours from the local bike shop where they save the old ones in a box (we asked first if they can do this)… and then it’s free! Hope this helps!

  7. Lillian Jackson says:

    Thanks! thats neat! I wanna try it sometime but first I first I need to faint a bicycle inner tube? Does anybody know if they have those at Walmart? Thanks Aurora!

  8. Lisa West says:

    One of my sons got his rocket from our backyard, over the house, and to the street. They are now competing to see how far they will go, and if details on the rocket effect the distance. This is just great.

  9. Jennifer Sequeira says:

    As a mom who doesn’t usually deal with PVC pipe and bicycle inner tubes, I was surprised how easy this project was to build! With 4 kids gathered around and “helping,” we enjoyed making it, and then playing with this rocket over and over!

  10. melissa wzorek says:

    After playing with these, as well as the rocket car, for awhile my boys decided to combine the two. We currently have rockets and cars all over the house. Fun stuff!

  11. We got ours from our local bike shop that services bikes, not just sells parts. You want the old inner tubes they replace with new ones (holes in the tube are fine to use!) Just ask them for the old ones and they usually have a stash.

  12. melissa wzorek says:

    I am wondering if you might have an alternative idea for a material to use instead of the tire tube. I am looking for an inexpensive alternative since I am sure all 5 of my boys will want to make their own. Do you think there is some material in the hardware store that will have similar results? I was looking at tubing on but I am not really certain which will work best. I was thinking a thin, soft pvc tube. Just wondering if you have tried anything else.