Here are a few ideas for making a mini-stomp rocket called a PUFF ROCKET that uses something other than your lungs to get your rocket launched.

When you do this experiment, think about which kind of bottles will work the best. And does straw length matter? In our testing, we had one rocket that cleared 25 feet!

  • clean lotion bottle or shampoo bottle
  • larger straw that fits onto a smaller straw
  • small piece of foam that fits snugly into the straws
  • hot glue gun

Here’s what you do:

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4 Responses to “Puff Rocket”

  1. Amanda McKee says:

    We had fun making these! Granted there was a bit of wind, but we got ours to fly nearly 37 feet!!! So neat! Thanks!

  2. Paula Crowder says:

    A ketchup bottle (with flip cap) works great too because it’s very easy to squeeze. Thanks, this was fun!

  3. Sharon Searls says:

    HK- works good if you put it between your knees and squeeze (we used a dish soap bottle).

  4. Sharon Searls says:

    From HL- I like it!!!!!