This Unit is different. While normally, we try to stick to everyday items, this advanced electronics course requires ordering from an online electronics store.

We’re going to need additional supplies to those used in Unit 10. Keep both sets of electricity materials together (both from this Unit 14 and the previous Unit 10) until you need them, as there are lots of small parts! These two sets are the ones your kids will be using until they hit college and beyond.

Note: All the parts for these projects are included in Science Mastery Diamond.

Shopping List for Unit 14: Electronics: Click here for Shopping List for Unit 14.

NOTE: Radio Shack part numbers have been replaced. Click here for full chart.

Beginner (Grades K-4)

For younger students, we do NOT recommend this unit.  Instead, hop on over to a more appropriate Electricity course for your students here in Unit 10.

Lesson 1: Intermediate (Grades 5-8)

For Lesson 1, you’ll need the following parts that can be found by clicking the links next to each part below.

There are TWO books recommended (not required) for this unit. Here they are:

Lessons 2 is for advanced students, and advanced 5-8th graders:

For Lesson 2, you’ll need the kits listed below. Most projects take a few hours to complete. I recommend starting with the Police Siren first.

  • Police Siren This is the first kit you’ll build to practice your soldering. The layout is larger than the rest, so it’s easier to build. Click here to order.
  • Touch Door Alarm An annoying alarm sounds when a person touches the knob! Click here to order.
  • Rolling Clock Build your own clock with date display. Be sure to pick up the wall transformer if you want your clock to plug into the wall and not just run on batteries. Click here to order.
  • FM Transmitter Picks up sounds or voices in the room and transmits them to a nearby FM radio. This is the ‘Bug’ from our spy kit series. Click here to order.
  • Tools: You’ll need a soldering iron (with a stand and plenty of solder), wire strippers, needle-nose pliers, diagonal cutters, and helping hands to hold your board as you work.

For Lessons 3 & 4 is for advanced students and advanced 5-8th graders:

  • Electronic Learning Lab by Radio Shack This is the best learning lab I’ve found – it comes with tons of experiments that cover both basic and digital electronics projects! It includes everything you need for all the projects in Lessons 3 and 4, and covers the fundamentals of computer technology.

If you find your students are thirsty for more reading content that is provided in the project kit, then these are my three favorites. These books are recommended (not required) for this unit at the 9-12 grade level. Here they are:

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6 Responses to “Shopping List for Unit 14”

  1. jerezkids says:

    The link for the Digital Multimeter is for a product they no longer carry. Do you have an alternate choice? Thanks

  2. Yes – it sounds like you have the Science Mastery Diamond program, which has everything you need (even the soldering iron and tools). You’ll find the Learning Lab for Lessons 3-4 in box D4, and in box D2 you’ll find the packs labeled “Electronics 1” and “Electronics 2” are for Lesson 1, and the “Electronics 3” pack is for Lesson 2. Have fun!

  3. Aaron Flagg says:

    I have the Science Mastery program – does my box (there are four large ones) have this stuff?

  4. There are links next to each part you need so you can order everything online, or visit your local electronic supply store (do a search for one in your area – most cities have them) or go to Radio Shack.

  5. Dominique Poli says:

    where do i get alllll the stuf for 5-8??????