I have tried for years to make whole wheat bread from scratch, but my loaves usually wound up as hockey pucks or door stops. Although my house always smelled great, my family could never choke down the crumbs of my latest creation. That’s when I enrolled in a bread-making class. Guess what I found out?
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25 Responses to “Bread Chemistry”

  1. karenhilligoss says:

    You should try sourdough bread. That has a lot of science in it.

  2. Linda Griffith says:

    could you use spelt flour.

  3. Until it reads 135 deg F on a thermometer.

  4. About how long do you bake each loaf?

  5. Michelle Stevens says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. Michelle Stevens says:

    I was also wondering if there is any way to easily adjust this for a higher altitude. Any ideas?

  7. Michelle Stevens says:

    Do you have to you gold flour, or would just plain whole wheat flour work?

  8. Crystal Burling says:

    This sounds awesome considering I love baking! you can also try adding some flavors or spices like cinnamon or french vanilla to the bread mix see what it tastes like. FYI never try apple sauce XD

  9. Wow – I’ve never heard of ice cream bread before – can’t wait to try it!

  10. Daphne Erickson says:

    aaw I thought this was ice cream bread when I saw it =( the ice cream bread is when you take melted ice cream and self raising flour put it in the ice cream and cook it and TA DA…bread

  11. Oops – sorry for missing important information like that! The bread should bake at 350 until it registers an internal temperate of 165 deg F on a thermometer.

  12. Sheri Kelly says:

    I bake and am proficient at making homemade bread. To my surprise, this recipe called for what I would have expected to be 2 loaves instead of just one. I followed the instructions and only made one loaf in a pan. There was no info on the baking temp or time…so I read my cookbook. The bread tasted amazing, it just probably needed to be put into 2 separate loaves, risen, then baked. It is crucial to check the interior temp just to make sure it is fully cooked. Knocking on the crust searching for a “hollow” sound is also helpful.

  13. Haha…!! I am a terrible baker, but a good (Italian) cook… both of which involve chemistry!

  14. Sophia Pitcher says:

    The bread is AWESOME! We ate one WHOLE loaf in less than an hour!! But I thought you were a scientist, not a baker? ; )

  15. This bread is soooo delicious, we have been eating the same loaf for the past 3 days and finally finished it up today. My 6 yr old loves it and thinks it is the best homemade bread ever! Thanks for a a very tasty bread and the explanation for the chemistry behind it.

  16. Patti Fabrick says:

    An easy way to cut the cinnamon rolls is to take a 12″ piece of strong thread (or dental floss). Holding both ends of the thread, slide the middle of the thread under the “log” – you may have to use a bit of a sawing motion. Position the thread approximately 1″ from the end of the log and cross the thread over the top (to encircle the log). Pull tight and the thread will cut through the dough without too much distortion. Hope this works for you!

  17. Debra Thomson says:

    That bread tastes wonderful! I used it to make a few rolls and a small loaf.
    -Holly Thomson

  18. It’s really 3 tablespoons – and it actually makes two loaves (you can tell by the amount of flour used)

  19. Debra Thomson says:

    Do you really use 3 TABLEspoons of yeast for just one loaf of bread – or did you mean TEAspoons?


  20. Georgina Muhammad says:

    Wow, we make bread from scratch all the time. But the whole wheat recipe I use is half wheat and half white. Are you saying if I put the water, yeast and honey with the whole wheat flour, knead it and let it rise up two 2 hours, then it’s pliable enough to add more wheat flour to it? The health food store has the wheat white flour. But I didn’t know that about the stone ground wheat flour. hmm

  21. Yes, actually I do both (and more!) I make it usually want I want the cozy smell in the house. And I really did take a bread class one wet Saturday at a local bakery near my house. I was so exited after I got out of class that I just HAD to include something about it here!

  22. Do you really make your own bread? I thought you were a scientist.