Charcoal crystals uses evaporation to grow the crystals, which will continue to grow for weeks afterward.  You’ll need a piece of very porous material, such as a charcoal briquette, sponge, or similar object to absorb the solution and grow your crystals as the liquid evaporates.  These crystals are NOT for eating, so be sure to keep your growing garden away from young children and pets! This project is exclusively for advanced students, as it more involves toxic chemicals than just salt and sugar.

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6 Responses to “Charcoal Crystals”

  1. Yes, lave rock is nice and porous, so it should work.

  2. ericksonnationmom says:

    could i use a lava rock? We’ve got a ton of those for decoration and they have holes in then.

  3. I have old charcoal from last year but does it take the old “never use again for food” pot?

  4. Not for this experiment. If you can’t find it, you might want to try the borax crystals in the Laundry Soap Crystals experiment, since borax is easy to find. Did you check or another online store?

  5. Barbara Ramthun says:

    “Is there a substitute for laundry bluing?”

  6. Ashanta Ambush says:

    I love it!