Watching movies can be turned into a learning experience. There are so many movies that can teach the homeschool students about different times and history. Whether it is the ancient past, or more recent events, many movies have been made to cover almost all important events that affected the course of human civilization.

Create a movie club with some other homeschool families in your community. The club can meet once a month to begin with. Curate a list of 12 movies which have significant learning potential for the homeschool students. This could be in terms of life lessons, such as staying the path, or history lessons, such as how the monarchy functioned in Europe.
Pick a good mix of movies that would appeal to all ages of the children in the movie club. Remember there needs to be a fun element as well, not just gory and gruesome stuff. You may even show some animated movies if you have a a crowd of mostly younger aged homeschool students in the audience.
The Movie Quiz
After the movie finishes, let the children present discuss it. How they felt about certain actions taken by the characters, what changes they would have made had they been in place of the protagonist, etc. One homeschool parent needs to have some questions ready to ensure that the discussion does not lag.
Once everyone has had a turn to express themselves, the homeschool parent in-charge of the movie must present a quiz based on the movie. Let the questions be a mix of objective questions which ascertain the observation of the viewer, as well as subjective questions which invite the viewer to express their own opinion.
The Lessons
It’s a good idea to sum up all that was seen and lessons that can be learnt from the movie at the end of the session. Think of basic moral values and positive behavior that needs to be encouraged and add them to the lessons summation. Just ensure that this does not take too long, or become too preachy for the homeschool students. Keep it light and fun.

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