Chemical equilibrium is the condition that happens when the concentration of the reactants and products don’t have any net change over time. This doesn’t mean that the reaction stops, just that the producing and consuming of the molecules is in balance.

Most chemical reactions are reversible, just like phases changes. Do you remember the hot icicle experiment? Do you remember how to get it back to the starting point? You have to add energy to the solid sodium acetate to turn it back into a liquid, so it can turn back into a solid again. Then let that experiment sit for a bit (overnight or about 12 hours) and in the morning, you’ll have crystals growing on your pipe cleaner. Now if you want to reverse this reaction, all you have to do is add energy to the system and the crystals will dissolve back into the solution. You can heat it up in the microwave or in a pot of water on the stove, and the crystals will disappear.
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