home schooling suppliesThere is simple video and then there is educational video content on the internet. While most of us use some video content to supplement learning for our children, there is one excellent source of free educational videos that tends to get overlooked. Adults have been raving about TED talks for a while, but many have no idea about a small subsidiary of TED Talks called Ted Ed.
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What is Ted Ed?

The website defines Ted Ed as “a free educational website for teachers and learners.” They are an extension of the original TED Talks mission to spread great ideas. They deal with worldwide experts on all kinds of subjects and have an ever-expanding library of video lessons from which your homeschooling students can choose what to learn. The lessons are a combination of the expertise of an educator blended with the skill of an animator making them compelling learning tools.

Two types of lessons are available on Ted Ed

The first kind are original lessons that are recorded by experts in the field which are available on the site and also can be viewed via their YouTube channel. The second kind of lessons are created by any website visitor to Ted Ed. These generally include additional data, or extra questions and sometimes even fresh discussion points on an existing lecture from the first category. You can pick and choose which lessons your child may watch to expand his homeschool knowledge bank.

Using Ted Ed in the Homeschool Classroom

You will have to do a bit of research as the library of lessons on Ted Ed is really vast. Head over to the website and select the lessons tab. Now you have the option to choose from subjects like the arts, business and economics, design, engineering and technology, health, literature and language, mathematics, psychology, social studies, philosophy and religion, science and technology, teaching and education. You can pick what you want to teach out of the videos and take a look at the lesson plan attached. This will include multiple choice questions, additional details and open ended discussion questions.

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