homeschool suppliesWhile printing is commonly the preferred way to write many schools also teach their students how to write in cursive handwriting. Is it necessary for homeschool students to learn how to write in cursive? It is if you live in North Carolina where the state senate has passed a bill that needs all schools to teach their students cursive. Most people never really master cursive and tend to use a combination of print and cursive. So why should students in the age of the computer and internet learn to write cursive?
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One Response to “Should Homeschool Students Learn Cursive?”

  1. Your blog might have mentioned a different cursive popular among homeschoolers, Getty/Dubay italic handwriting and, Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting, also italic.
    Because some of what you wrote is taken from messages sent to the North Carolina Legislature and elsewhere, it would have been good to name your source, my colleague, Kate Gladstone.