homeschool suppliesOne of the primary challenges as a homeschool parent is to hold and keep the attention of your students in the classroom. While children are usually blessed with very short attention spans you may need them to pay attention much longer than they can manage to keep their attention focused on you. So rather than yelling at them or getting upset here’s a simple way to give them focused play for a short duration and then bring them back to the task at hand. What you need to do is use sensory toys innovatively. Here’s a few ideas on how you can do so.
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Sound Toys

Any musical instrument can become a sensory sound toy. One homeschooling parent used a whistle to initiate a musical chime in which each child participated. When she found the attention of the children wandering she would blow the whistle and then the next child had to beat the toy drum with a pencil, and the other had to shake a tambourine. They had to follow the rhythm set for them by the mother who blew the whistle to it. Instant fun in the class room and focus of attention back to work when it was done.

For Fidgeting Kids

Some children fidget or wiggle in their seats after they have been in class for a certain amount of time. Handing them a fidget toy to keep their hands busy while they listen to you may work. A wiggle seat where they can learn how to balance their weight while sitting at the study desk is also a good idea. One part of the brain is busy balancing while the other can pay attention to what is being said by the parent.

The “Smell Me” Game

Another short game to give a break to your homeschool students at their study desks involves having them sniff at a bottle and guess what fragrance lies inside. A good way to prepare the bottle with fresh smells each day is to use essential oils of the kind used in creating aromatic candles. These oils are available with diffusers and can be bought in any shop which sells aromatic candles or tea lights. Be sure to change the smell often enough to keep the game interesting.

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