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While there are all kinds of educational videos, you need to figure out how to use them in your homeschooling schedule. Here are a few ways in which you can use such videos in a helpful manner with your children.

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Use an entire video based curriculum

If you have invested in a video based curriculum each topic in each subject will be covered by video lectures. These are usually a good measure for parents who are unable to develop their own personalized lectures for higher grades for their homeschooled children. A grade wise break up will be available on paid sites but you can also use a free Massive Open Online Course to teach your kids.

Use videos to go deeper into a particular topic

Once you have covered a specific topic in class you child has some idea about it. Should the homeschool student be curious to learn more about the same topic you can scout out some videos on the internet and line them up as a means to explore the topic deeper. It will involve some research on the part of the parent but will enable make great supplements to the main lesson for the children.

Get ideas for project work and learning activities from them

There are many science experiment guides and project activities available online in video form. Use these to either replicate what has been done in the video in your class room or make up your own activities based on what you see in them. It is always possible to learn something new that you may like your children to do. Video instructions are usually more detailed and allow the child to see exactly what the project should shape up as after completing each step.

Use as a guide to help with school work

While your child is doing school work a video that walks you through what needs to be done is a great help. This works really well whether the child is trying to make sense of graphs and statistics or if he is learning what the brighter minds of our generation think.  Gaining new perspective is possible by merely watching an educational video.

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2 Responses to “Different Uses of Educational Videos”

  1. We do have an evaluation packets for each topic within each grade level. Here’s a sample for 4th grade Electricity:

    We are also working on a part of the navigation that will allow you to view how much of each section has been completed. That will be coming next fall-winter. In the meantime, be sure to check out the user guide here: as well as the main nav info video:

  2. Melody Erickson says:

    Hello, I have a couple questions about the curriculum that you offer for the fall. My son is 15 and in 9th grade this fall. He needs to have a solid teaching in science this year that I can understand how to use it systematically and be able to see what he is doing, how he is doing and have tests to make sure he is getting it. I am not sure how to even look at it systematically and see one lesson to conclusion and get back to the next place we need to start. He is better at navigation in the computer than I am and so I am afraid we will miss something that he needs to learn. Could you give me tips on how to navigate the system and tell me if you have tests already set up? Thanks. Melody

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