Kids love my new twist on the classic game of Monopoly. Besides being chocked full of real photographs of celestial objects, it’s simple to set up and easy to play.

This game plays exactly the same as Monopoly, only there are comets instead of railroads, black holes and neutron stars instead of income tax, rocket repair stations instead of jail, community quasars, and much more!

My kids and I have played this game for hundreds and hundreds of hours using these simple templates that I’ve put together for you. The only additional items you will need to find are rocks and dice – which I assume you already have access to. Everything you need to create your own homemade version of this game is right here: Click to download the Space-opoly Templates
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23 Responses to “Space-opoly”

  1. Carey Clark says:

    I was looking through the comments saw the answer thanks!

  2. Mine was 30″ square, but it can be any size you want. Just scale the images to match what you have.

  3. Carey Clark says:

    how big dose the board have to be?

  4. cynthia finch says:

    Pink and PI=a pink pie=pinky pie=small finger

  5. Daniel Ohanessian says:

    Gee, thanks.

  6. It’s a black piece of foam core from Staples. I glued on the slips of paper that are the properties from the template and covered it with clear contact paper. I can’t sell it to you, because my kids would never part with it.

  7. Daniel Ohanessian says:


    I want to know where you got that board. We are knocking our brains out of their places looking for one. Would you mind telling me? Maybe we can buy it from you?

  8. Daniel Ohanessian says:

    Okay! Thanks!

  9. No – did you see how LARGE my board was? Print out the spaces and line them the way you want, and you’ll soon find out how big your board is supposed to be.

  10. Daniel Ohanessian says:

    That’s a great idea! But does it supposed to be the exact dimensions of a regular-size Monopoly™ board?

  11. Why not use a square piece of cardboard?

  12. Daniel Ohanessian says:

    I have a Monopoly set, but I do not want to use the board for this game. I love playing Monopoly, so I do not want to use the board up. Do you know where I can get this type of board?

    Daniel, age 9

  13. Do you mean “divided by”, not “plus”?

  14. Daniel Ohanessian says:

    Pi (π) is the circumference of a circle plus it’s diameter. Together, they contain 3, plus a bit more. The simplest answer is 3.14.

  15. Nope… just as many as would fit for the design. Did you know that there was a contest to find the one-millionth digit of pi?

  16. Maximilian Mohun says:

    Wow… how many numbers of pi are on your shirt? All the known ones?

  17. Sure – you can print them out and color them in if you want… it’s just whatever works for you. You can draw in your own pictures on the board if you want, also… totally up to you. Let me now how it goes!


    P.S. My kids love playing this with me!!!

  18. Laura Stephenson says:

    Ho! That’s a lot of rules!!! Is it okay that I printed it in black and white? We don’t have a color printer that works. Thanks!!!

    Hannah Age 10

    Your biggest fan 🙂 😉

  19. Lydia Fancher says:

    lol nice shirt I like that it has the pi sign

    Cameron, age 13

  20. Rachael Knowles says:

    Awesome idea. Thanks. I LOVE you shirt BTW.

  21. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF file. Make sure you have the latest version!

  22. mary davis says:

    I am unable to download the space-opoly template. I click on it but they don’t come up…please let me know if I am doing something incorrectly. Thanks

  23. Quick trivia: the symbol “pi” on my shirt is made up of the tiny numbers that actually make up pi, as in 3.1415926…etc