Let’s see how much you’ve picked up with these experiments and the reading – answer as best as you can. (No peeking at the answers until you’re done!) Just relax and see what jumps to mind when you read the question. You can also print these out and jot down your answers in your science notebook.

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4 Responses to “eScience Overview Exercises”

  1. Nicole Ott says:

    I refreshed the web page, and the answers appeared at the bottom of the page. It must’ve been some temporary glitch.

  2. Nicole Ott says:

    Usually, I don’t have a problem finding the answers to the exercises, but I don’t see a link to the answers for the eScience Overview Exercises. Could you please help me? Where are the answers for these multiple choice questions? Thanks!

  3. Yes, that’s correct. Yellow LIGHT is not a primary color of LIGHT. Red and green light actually make yellow, which you can see by checking out the rainbow shadows experiment.

  4. Rebecca Winsborrow says:

    Re: #7-We have always been taught that red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors. It art primary colors different than science primary colors?