Why study chemistry? Baking is chemistry. Cars use chemistry to zip down the street. Your body converts food into energy using chemistry. Everything you see, touch, taste, and smell is a chemical.

Studying chemistry is like peeking under the hood of a racecar – you know you put gas in and it goes, but that’s all you can tell from the outside. Chemistry gets you into the inner workings on the molecular level. Are you ready? This video will get you started on the right foot for your study into chemical kinetics:

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3 Responses to “Unit 8: Chemistry (Chemical Kinetics) Video”

  1. Which one? What was I doing with it?

  2. Kellee Blauser says:

    What is the name of the chemical you used?

  3. mary buchholz says:

    I think the videos for the two lessons within Unit 8 “Chemistry” may be switched. It looks like the video in Lesson 1 “Molecules” is about Chemical Kinetics, and the video in Lesson 2 “Chemical Kinetics” is really about Molecules.