This experiment is for Advanced Students.There are several different ways of throwing objects. This is the only potato cannon we’ve found that does NOT use explosives, so you can be assured your kid will still have their face attached at the end of the day. (We’ll do more when we get to chemistry, so don’t worry!)

These nifty devices give off a satisfying *POP!!* when they fire and your backyard will look like an invasion of aliens from the French Fry planet when you’re done. Have your kids use a set of goggles and do all your experimenting outside.

Here’s what you need:

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7 Responses to “Potato Cannon”

  1. maryannpalko says:

    Can you clarify the numbers above with regards to a potato launch. I understand the calculation to obtain height of the tree, but explain where 30degree angle, 45 degree, etc. and where those figures come from

  2. I’ll have my team connect with you right away. 🙂


  3. Penny Neufeld says:

    i really want to do this but it says i dont have access have a idea

  4. I’ve posted a link so you can purchase it online in case your hardware store doesn’t carry it. You can also check craft stores or hobby shops!

  5. Kelly Schumann says:

    Where do you find the acrylic tubing? If hardware store, which section?
    Thank you!

  6. Debra Thomson says:

    We’ve made something almost exactly like this, using a meter stick instead of a protractor, in our History before. It was supposed to be a (basic!) sextant, like what they would use at sea long ago.
    Using a protractor and straw is much easier to carry and hold steady! 🙂