Here’s our first MATH lesson. It is so easy that one night, I wound up showing it to everyone in the pizza restaurant. Well, everyone who would listen, anyway. We were scribbling down the answers right on the pizza boxes with such excitement that I couldn’t help it – I started laughing right out loud about how excited everyone was about math… especially on a Saturday night.

When you do this calculation in front of friends or family, it’s more impressive if you hand a calculator out first and let them know that you are ‘testing to see if the calculator is working right’.  Ask for a two digit number and have them check the calculator’s answer against yours.

If you really want to go crazy, you can have math races against the calculator and its operator, just as the Arthur Benjamin video shows.  (Only you don’t need to do the squaring of five-digit numbers in your head!)  Have fun!
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15 Responses to “Multiplying 2-Digit Numbers by 11”

  1. You should have access to this section of the program. I will have my team contact you right away!

  2. Donald Stark says:

    My son started with the multiplying by 12, he got the download part and it said stop and do multiplying by 11 if he had not done that first. He went there and it said he does not have access. It seems that is the case for everything he has tried to do so far. What does he need to do to use this program?

    Sincerely The Stark Family

  3. Toni Dowdell says:

    learned this on school house rock as a kid… loved teaching it to my own kids years ago.

  4. Yes, that’s on our resources page for Math – I’ve spoken with Dr. Benjamin and he’s such a blast!

  5. Anisa Abeytia says:

    If you like that-try his lecture “The Joy of Mathematics” from the Teaching Company, 24 jlorious math lectures.

  6. Cheryl Roberts says:

    Wow! You have opened my eyes! Thank you for showing us this secret! I wish my math teachers would’ve taught this to us in school!

  7. william haney says:

    This is awesome!

  8. Theresa Getubig says:

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  9. Dominique Poli says:

    thats so cool!

  10. Anonymous says:

    OMG! I am so lousy at multiplication without a calculator any more and now at least I can do the elevens. How COOL is that! thank you.
    By the way…this is Rebekah’s mom now Rebekah.

  11. jyoti gupta says:

    i am so happy that I stumbled upon your site…..its really interesting…….i’m thoroughly enjoying the videos

  12. Scarlett Taylor says:

    We tried to make this difficult but it isn’t all!

  13. Sheila Weibel says:

    Aces! After showing this video to my daughter she decided she wanted to do a “Magic Math” presentation to her class! Then the wheels started turning and she wanted to see if the same method would work for 3 numbers! Love to see her THINKING and PROBLEM SOLVING!

  14. Diane Butler says:

    This is really neat.