Aurora Lipper Lover of science experiments, rockets, robots and lasers and creator of Supercharged Science. Al Lipper When he’s not working as CEO of Supercharged Science, you’ll find him in a a single-engine cockpit.
Tonya Krause Often buried under a pile of work as she strives to take really good care of our customers. Crystal Eastburn Works really hard to make sure all our ducks are sitting in a row and accounted for, and spends lots of time chasing them.
staff-karl1 Karl Gurney Recently graduated from college, he loves to help answer some of the thousands of science questions aimed at Aurora. Science Jim (Jim Mueller) Is a director of a science museum host of a radio science show, and one of our writers!
Cashmere Lashkari Enjoys writing resources for parents to use that really want to make a difference in their kids’ education. Jenny Ernstrom Loves to solve science problems for fun and help students learn. She helps document what Aurora’s got inside her head.