As a hands-on science teacher who some kids think is a bit wild, I’ve found that there are certain very specific keys to teaching science well, and without getting burnt out doing it (especially important for me, because groups regularly hire me to do multi-day science workshops for hundreds of homeschool kids). Actually, these keys just the opposite of how most schools try to teach science.

You’ll learn my 6 keys to getting kids to want to learn science, and for teaching it in a way that takes less time and is more effective (Otherwise known as the 6 mistakes parents make in teaching homeschool science).

Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • How to teach science in a way that really works. Your kids will learn better and it will take you less time to teach it!
  • How you can include academic material in a way that gets kids really excited about learning more.
  • How to take what kids learn from an intellectual level of understanding to an everyday applied level. This way they’ll learn the foundation they really need to be successful in college and especially when they go looking for a job someday.
  • …and more!

Here’s how to access this information:

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