Not everyone has the extra storage space to catch all the material that homeschooling a couple of kids in different grades can throw out of the homeschooling classroom. Here are some tips to make your classroom more spacious by eliminating unwanted junk from the area. Feel free to add your own twist to this version of the clean up crew.

Separate the Stuff

Ideally put all the stuff into the following categories – Keep, Recycle, Trash, Donate and Sell. You can physically place the cardboard boxes for items that you want to donate and sell. Mark them with a permanent marker so that you are sure what each box is for. This saves time when you are in the middle of a big clean up pile and wondering where the coloring book you hold needs to go.

The stuff that you need to keep can be placed on the table or shelves in the homeschool classroom. The things that need to be trashed can be placed in a nice big garbage bag. The stuff to sell and donate can be boxed. Using this system is easier because you are not thinking of an intermediary place to keep everything before you dispose of them.

Finish Discarding First

The usual tendency while cleaning up is to find the right place for things that you need to keep, while ignoring what needs to be discarded. Instead get started with taking out the stuff you need to trash first. Then take over the things that you need to donate to the place or people you are planning on donating to.

After this there will already be a lot more space to play with in the homeschool classroom. Next get going on pricing the material that you want to sell. Put up the online ads, the flyers around the neighborhood and notices for sale. Take the box of stuff to sell out of the homeschool classroom and place it in the garage or other area where it won’t come in the way. Now you can finally allow yourself to settle the remaining stuff into the homeschool area.

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